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Two Tree House appears to have “grown” among the trees

What’s better than one treehouse? The “Two Tree House” designed by Golany Architects, based in Tel Aviv, Israel! But rather than being built up in a tree like you might expect by its name, this striking natural house was actually designed around a pair of existing Jerusalem pine trees on the property, working them right into the architecture and taking an earthy cue for the home’s organic aesthetic. Golany Architects takes Trendir on a tour.

“Preserving and rendering the mature trees as part of the house required attention and care. It was a daring decision that resulted in a house with a special ambiance,” according to the architects. “The pine trees were examined as part of the design process. Their continued growth is monitored and responded to, which results in a house that is a living structure.”
This compact house had its start as a recycled shipping container, and much of it was prefabricated and assembled on location to minimize site disturbance. The result is a wonderful wood clad house that blends beautifully with its forest surroundings. Wood shuttered windows close up to conceal this structure and provide privacy, or open to reveal country chic interiors that match the rustic look of the facade.
Apart from its woody materials and raw appeal, the L shaped house was clearly designed with the outdoors in mind, featuring decks overlooking the countryside and built around two trees that anchor the house at each end and make it stand apart from the rest.
Golany Architects


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