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Sustainable Tree House Actually Hugs Trees

From the pages of building and architecture website BD, London, this modern residential design is a tree house by all accounts – built from trees, built among trees. With an £800,000 grant to construct in a conservation area of west Beaminster, Dorset UK, Western Design Architects have planned this sustainable home with recycled timber, a Green roof and a ground-source heat pump. The contemporary 3,875-sq.-ft. house is comprised of three pods, each approximately five ft. off the ground. And while these pods are not actually secured to the trees that dot the surrounding landscape, the magnificent oaks will pierce through the terraces of the home. “While not physically bolted to the surrounding oak trees which are protected by a tree preservation order, the oaks will penetrate each terrace so ‘you can hug a tree if you want to,'” according to the architect, reports BD. Inside, the main pod houses the kitchen, dining and living areas, and is connected to the neighboring two pods which accommodate the bedrooms. The start for construction is slated for spring 2009. Western Design Architects
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photo credit: BD


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