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Paola Navone Designs White Fairy Tale like Interiors to Present Latest Furniture by Baxter

paola navone designs white fairy tale interiors latest furniture baxter 1 thumb 630xauto 34245 Paola Navone Designs White Fairy Tale like Interiors to Present Latest Furniture by Baxter

Showcased at this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris, within an ethereal setting fit for an ice princess, is a series of new furnishings by Baxter within a set called “Scenes d’Interieur”. Designed by Paola Navone, the rooms overall imagery is one of a cold winter’s days, with the furnishings oh so inviting and looking incredibly warm and cozy. The deep tufting within the Diana Chester sofa (made with Nabuck Moon leather) just beckons you forward to curl up in it. Adding to this uber cozy expression is the white Mongolia fuzzy cushion tossed casually into the deep seat of the sofa. I love how the white Mongolia was carried through on all the chairs either through the use of pillows or, in the case of the Nepal Chair, in the upholstery itself.

paola navone designs white fairy tale interiors latest furniture baxter 2 thumb autox846 34247 Paola Navone Designs White Fairy Tale like Interiors to Present Latest Furniture by Baxter

Keeping it informal is what this vignette is about. Each chair features a different profile and detailing while all use Baxter leathers and all are either natural white, glossy white, or matte white. The chair on the end even has a leather slipcover for the backrest – too cute. With the Carrera marble table large and demanding in attention, the choice of a supersized light fixture is a smart way of making the arrangement feel more intimate. What a great way to showcase the many Baxter Chairs.


White that is never just white and leather that is never just leather. Here leather is portrayed smooth and shiny as well as thick and lush in the high backed easy chairs, crumpled and soft in the oversized ottoman and smooth with a printed trompe-l-oeil optical illusion of a supposed deep tufting within the sofa. Layered into this is the white Mongolia cushions, the woven side tables and the sailor knot lamps. Each piece has a visceral quality that makes you want to just walk around the room and caress everything before coming to rest in one of the luxuriously soft seating choices.


It’s hard to believe this sofa is leather. Baxter excels at presenting pieces with a soft and cozy appeal that is missing in most leather couches. I’m not sure if I sat down within this show space if I would ever want to stand up again. I do know, however, that whether I sunk back with my feet up on the leather ottoman, or curled up along the length of the sofa with my head buried in the white Mongolia cushions, the moment would be pure bliss.


The many textures that Paola Navone has portrayed for Baxter within this setting is magical and all the more so with the elimination of all color. Here we can truly appreciate the visceral qualities of the knotted lamps, the woven side tables, the many styles of leather used in the furnishings and even the LED light display.


The trompe-l-oeil sofa is a casual and complex form that uses classic lines to feature its false tufting within the smooth printed leather. Adding to the story is the piping around the arm and backrest, and then there’s those fuzzy white Mongolia cushions, what better sofa hug could you possibly have? Within this vignette Baxter has purposely layered a hard material within the iron armchair. The iron curves around the backrest and arms before eventually resting on the floor within its four splayed legs, but even here, soft and comfortable rules within the leather seat and back cushion. The “hard” iron does not bring in a hardness, but simply an airiness.


Baxter leather is the soul of this collection. Processed with sophisticated tanning systems, the leather is buttery soft and in this new collection the leather takes on new and exciting forms and textures within its total whiteness, choosing to keep the materials that aren’t leather white as well was a very smart choice.


Choosing white flowers within white ceramics and mirrored tables to play off of the all white leathers creates a poetic and imaginative fairy tale where one almost expects a mythical – and very nice – ice princess to suddenly appear.


The guitar shaped mirror hung on the wall within this vignette continue the curvaceous appeal of the chairs below. The two polished leather high backs have similar reflective qualities as the mirror, and even here, within their stiff and polished seating, the leather entices you to snuggle in and become enveloped within its magic.


This latest set creation by Paola Navone exudes refined beauty with a touch of winter charm. It encompasses selections that are small and delicate as well as pieces that are bold and spontaneous. Small or supersized, the vignettes are a statement to the comfort and luxury of Baxter leathers.



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