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Office Attic Converted Into Loft Apartment Keeping Original Wood and Brick

Located in the city center of Poznan, Poland, the Attic Loft was originally an office attic with walls of drywall and floors of carpet and one of the most important features Cuns Studio focused on when they converted the attic into a loft apartment was to expose and breathe new life into the original wood details as well as the original brick walls.
The office attic had been kept in good condition but the restoration on the wood floors, post and beams, ceiling rafters and brick walls was no small task, but when you first walk into the Attic Loft and see the amazing interior with its original wood and brick, it is clear the restoration was well worth the effort.

Upon entering the Attic Loft the first zone of the open plan is the dining area on the left, positioned directly below the first skylight.
Across from the dining zone on the right is a two sided kitchen with the stove on one side, the sink on the other. The fridge is located under the stairs next to the entry door. The kitchen is custom and features a fun floor detail that was inspired by the rug in the living room.
The custom-made steel stairs lead up to a mezzanine designed for exercising. At the end of the mezzanine and directly below it is a home theater screen. All the home’s systems are fully integrated, smart and intelligent with the audio, video, lighting and climate settings controllable from the owner’s smartphone.
Next to the dining one is a small sitting area featuring two plush hocker stools designed by Cuns Studio.
The two hocker stools are below a hammock style net slung between the mezzanine and a ceiling beam. The suspended netting is designed to hold the weight of several people.
In the living area, the rug that inspired the floor detail in the kitchen adds a fun, geometric blast of blue to an otherwise neutral space.
A fully integrated audio system allows for music to be played in one room or all the rooms, including the home theater.
Attic Loft has been designed as an open floor plan with all the zones open to each other with the exception of the master bedroom, which is located behind the angled brick wall behind the living area. The bathroom is also separated for privacy.
The master bedroom and bathroom are separated with the exception of the freestanding bathtub which is positioned below a dreamy cloud like ceiling pendant.
Behind the bathtub is a storage bench and the closet.
The master bedroom shares a wall with the living area and the bathroom shares a wall with the living room on the other side. Featuring concrete walls and a water droplet faucet, the bathroom is small but innovative.
Cuns Studio
Photography by Hanna Dlugosz
While small, Attic Loft is full of personality and creativity thanks in part to the beautiful and original wood details and brickwork. This and other loft apartments have the ability to layer in stories of tales untold when these original details are not just kept but featured as the most important architectural design details.


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