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Modular Sofa from Inventa Italy – Mille&Cento contemporary sofa

The Mille&Cento contemporary sofa is a marvelous Modular Sofa from Inventa Italy that will allow you to totally indulge your imagination. With chunky, rectangular modules and flowing curved shapes it’s possible to invent the exact sofa you need to fit your space best. Entirely modern, the low, wide style of the sofa is perfect for any kind of relaxed entertaining. Whether you wish to create a cozy corner suitable for intimate gatherings, a forward-facing row ideal for taking in a movie, or a twisting, curving line great for a large party, you’ll find the Mille&Cento incredibly adaptable. This sofa comes to life in its various permutations, to be re-experienced anew with each day of use. A practical luxury, the Mille&Cento modular sofa is from Inventa Italy.


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