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Modern rustic decor with an enchanting twist

Rustic décor is all about being effortless, chic, and embracing the room’s natural aesthetic. It’s all about going simple and minimal with little to no effort. To bring in a unique, rustic approach and keep it that way, consider working with modern bits. It’s all about making the modern bits you have instantly come to life. Furthermore, it’s almost as if the rest of your décor will instantly feel revitalized and fresh. The following modern rustic decorating ideas come with just the right amount of enchantment.

Natural Elements

As for natural elements, keep it light on the wood. You want to ensure the wood you use is chic and charming without going overboard or being too rustic as you still want the modern elements.

Every time you want to bring in something enchanting and fresh, take into consideration natural elements. Not only do they bring color and texture, but they singlehandedly make any room feel fresher. Whether you use a small plant or multiple large ones its completely up to you. However, you do want to keep in mind that the bigger the plant the more space it will take up. So, if you have less square footage you want to take note of just how many plants you can truly, keep in the space.

Consider Concrete

When in doubt, consider a concrete wall. The contrast itself will instantly brighten the room and give it life instantly

Work with natural elements such as linen, wood, or both and add a modern touch of concrete. Concrete is not only modern, but it makes the room feel chic and even a bit “cold” it’s definitely one of those decorating elements that add no warmth whatsoever. It not only engulfs the room with a rich shade of gray, but it makes the space feel instantly cooler. We love the idea of using concrete as your pain flooring or even as a part of your walls.

Large Lighting

Bring as much of a large statement piece as possible. Doing so, will not only increase the appeal of the room, but it will instantly brighten it up

We all know how important having the right kind of lighting is and just how much it can do for a room. It’s almost as if the light themselves will create a chic touch in the room without taking away from it. The key is bringing in a modern fixture and allow it to be the focus. Instead of having multiple fixtures, contemplate having one large statement piece and making it the ultimate addition to the room. It doesn’t have to be something extremely overboard. Keep your décor light surrounding the light fixtures to truly make everything come to life.

Modern Chairs

Whether you like having unique chairs or you are trying something new, consider bringing in as much modern seating as possible. It will brighten the room instantly.

Having accent chairs are always a given decorating idea; however, when you have a classic rustic aesthetic, it might seem hard to know what kind of chairs to add. In all actuality, it isn’t, it’s quite easy to go bring in accent chairs when you have a rustic space. The key is bringing in a pair of modern chairs that will embrace the room’s chic appeal. Whether you use upholstered chairs in a fun pattern, or you decide to go bold with color, the idea is to remain as chic and modern without being boring effortlessly.

Bringing Tiles

Use modern tiles to truly complete the look and give it that updated feel we all want and need to have in the rustic room

Tiles are notorious for being a statement piece, which is why it makes sense to have different types of tiles in a rustic room. It will instantly make the room feel chic and grand will being to the perfect tool to use in the room. Furthermore, using colorful tiles come in an array of patterns as well, allowing you to welcome as much color and character as possible.

Keep the Wood

The grander the wood in the room the more rustic the space will appear. It’s all about embracing the room and giving it a charming approach.

When it comes to adding a modern touch to rustic décor, your instinct might be to remove as much wood as possible, but you don’t necessarily have to do just that. The key is working with multiple different shades of wood and allowing them to make a statement on their own. It’s almost as if the wood will instantly make the room have that rustic touch. Adding lighter hues of wood will ensure there’s a bold contrast felt throughout.


The better your library is laid out the easier it will be to create a space that makes sense to you and the environment.

This idea might be the most rustic yet, it’s the idea of having bookshelves as part of the main area of your home. However, the key is not just having a regular bookshelf. It’s all about having a larger than life shelf and pairing it with a unique design. Adding a large bookshelf with a hint of modern is perfect for a room because it will instantly make a huge difference in how much texture and modern approach you are getting. Use a modern shelf and add colorful books to instantly upgrade the room. It’s easy to do and chic without taking away from the room overall. You might even want to leave spacing between your books for a fresh take.

Go Eclectic

Bring in an eclectic wallpaper to make the space feel grand and chic while still being charming and new

We love the idea of going the eclectic route. Though eclectic décor isn’t for everyone, it is an excellent decorating opportunity for those that want something a little more unique without going completely to the modern side. Eclectic décor is a bit on the wild side, but with a vintage twist, making it perfect for those that want something unique yet rustic all at once. Bring in bold colors and allow them to become the focus of the room in a chic format. Furthermore, use picture frames to truly bring the room to life.

Comfortable Sophistication

Layer your rugs to embrace the comfort of the room in general. Bring in layers of nature to truly embrace the room

Regardless of how cozy and chic you want your modern décor to be there is always something charming about having rustic comfortable sophistication. Bring in chic chairs and drape a throw blanket to truly give the room a dose of comfort. Furthermore, add a fur element to truly take it to the next level. It’s all about making the room feel new, and fresh with a classic twist. We suggest use one or two of these elements and allowing them to come to life seamlessly.

To make a statement you need to embrace the room, which of these ideas is your personal favorite? Share with us below.


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