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Luxury Stone Surfaces by Antolini Resist Bacteria – A zerobact

Italian company Antolini is putting luxury to work, with a new natural stone treatment that helps keep your home clean. Antolini’s stone surfaces feature a treatment which actually resists the growth of bacteria and mold, allowing for worry-free zones in your kitchens, baths and living areas. Called A zerobact, the treatment doesn’t affect the color, pattern or texture of the stone – the very elements that make it such a stunning addition to any home. Because this is a natural stone product, each is unique and boasts its own subtleties and style. From rich and dramatic to cool and contemporary, to soft and sweet – there’s a type suited to every taste. While perfect for traditional applications like for floors, kitchen countertops or bathroom backsplashes, we also love this product for unexpected places like a living or dining area or in the entrance foyer. For more information, visit Antolini.

A modern kitchen gets a luxurious touch with a Antolini’s Naica Quartz wall and island.
A double dose of drama cladding two kitchen countertops via Antolini’s Black Cosmic stone surfaces.
A beautiful and low maintenance countertop.
In place or paint and paintings, this living room wall gets the natural stone treatment!
Elegant brown stone enhanced with A zerobact makes this bathroom the perfect escape from the day’s worries.
While a bathroom is a usual suspect for stone surfaces with plenty of options on floors, walls and countertops, here the bathtub itself is executed in stone with a sleek, sculptural style.


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