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Kohler Moxie Cast Iron Lavatory … with Beaded Curtains

Kohler surprises us with some unusual designs… like the Moxie Lavatory with Beaded Curtains ( K-14292 ). The curtains add artistry and aesthetic appeal to Kohler’s Tableau Cast Iron lavatory (K-14293) that serves as the basis for Moxie design. It measures 27″ (68.6 cm) x 19″ (48.3 cm), has no faucet holes, is designed for wall-mount installation and comes in two glossy enamel finishes: Vapour Orange (K-14292-KE) and Vapour Indigo (K-14292-KD). Curtains are attached by clipping the curtain rod to the pre-assembled clips on the underside of the sink. Priced at $2990 and up. Kohler

Curtains are made of etched stainless steel tiles with a dark nickel finish and inset glass beads


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