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Contemporary Bathroom Suite from Laufen – new dOt by Wiel Arets

Laufen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom essentials, has released the new, contemporary Il Bagno Alessi dOt bathroom suite under the ever-creative direction of award-winning architect and designer, Holland’s Wiel Arets. Arets’ contemporary interpretation of the bathroom comes in the form of modern, minimalist, asymmetrical fixtures with straight downward lines, flat surfaces and a sleek, sculptural shape that really stands out in the modern bathroom. Unifying the cool suite, these washbasins, tubs, toilets and bidets feature round dot-like recesses – the signature mark appearing on every piece of this bathroom line. Says designer Arets of his novel design, “dOt is a collection whose design steps off from the premise that its individual pieces should not distract from the wish to purge the body of impurities. Every component of each item should be in the service of relaxation. It should be clear that the combination of all pieces in the collection proceed from the individual strength of each one, which has its own role to play though without being overbearing. Altogether, it is a well-balanced collection whose aim is to allow its users to enjoy to the full quintessential element our planet has to offer, namely water.” Check out the Il Bagno Alessi dOt bathroom suite with a visit to Laufen.



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