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Futuristic Self-Sustaining House Concept On Stilts

This house, envisioned by the futurist designer Benoit Challand, is a photo-rendered concept meant to stretch beyond the current limits of residential architecture and design, and show the possibilities that may come for sustainable housing in decades to come. Set high above the landscape, the stilt-built house would include a wind turbine underneath and solar panels at top, providing all of its electricity. Accessible by a set of stairs not included in the renderings, the house has the potential for completely breathtaking views. Challand describes the overall appearance of the residence as a mix of architecture and art, with notable influence from the world of sculpture. Wood paneling is a dominant element throughout, setting off modern cues with a touch of comfortable warmth. Though the technology isn’t quite there yet to create such a residence, the design is still a striking template for the future.

The design is unconstrained by the current limits of residential architecture and design, with inspiration drawn from sculpture and from its designers predictions for technology to come. The high-flying home stands out even among the mountains surrounding it in these renderings, a statement on stilts.
Inside, the home boasts commanding, completely unobstructed views of the mountains and beyond from its main rooms. The terraced layout of the home’s areas leads to spacious decks on multiple floors.
In the house’s public rooms, the decor is metallic and ultramodern, with low furniture and cool smooth flooring that carries over from the living room into the kitchen area.
Wood paneling lines the ceilings and interior walls of the home, providing a warmer touch to each area. On the main floor, a hallway leads to a window wall at the rear of the home with a small study area at its edge.
In the master bedroom, wood comes to dominate furniture surfaces more than in the public rooms below. Above the bed in the center of the room, a unique organically-shaped ceiling fan helps circulate air.
Benoit Challand


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