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English Walnut Furniture for the whole house by MASHstudios

Bring an authentic air to your whole house with this elegant English walnut furniture by MASHstudios – the LAX Series. You’re guaranteed sweet dreams when you drift off on the meticulously constructed, low-set platform bed, featuring a solid walnut base and natural oil finish. Complement the bed with a wall-mounted headboard, which anchors the room while providing stylish storage behind the sliding white aluminum panel. In the living room, this coffee table carries that same aesthetic, featuring natural-finish walnut with a sliding white aluminum tabletop that doubles as hidden storage. The dining table is the big brother of the coffee table (and there’s a square kitchen table design too), made of solid wood with a white laminate tabletop that’s durable yet deluxe. Pair it with some chairs, benches or a combination of both for fashion and function. The 3x Shelf is a great piece for the bedroom, living room or home office. The wall-mounted design makes it ideal for compact homes where space is at a premium, and offers stylish storage space that puts your personal items out of sight. The 3x Shelf also comes in a floor model. The wall-mounted desk in another must for the small urban home, offering a large work surface without eating up any floor space. These innovative furniture designs are cutting edge in terms of modern concepts, but offer that authentic “furniture feel,” thanks to the quality craftsmanship, solid wood and wonderful natural finishes. See the full collection by visiting MASHstudios.



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