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Colorful, Curvy Vanity Designs from Novello to Cheer You Up!

Novello vanity Happy
Bring a sense of fun into your home with these vanity designs from Novello. Fresh, playful designs with high quality finishes and unusual shapes to discover… pictured here are the Happy, Trend, and Green vanities which we think capture the essence of the Novello vanity collection. The range of vanities comes in many different interpretations and a rainbow of vibrant colours to suit your personality. The Happy vanity has an interesting asymmetrical triangular shape, and is shown in the glossy lacquered Violetto colour, with an integrated glass basin in exactly the same rich shade. It has a compact, unified modern look that even includes storage in a side cupboard. The larger Trend vanity is pictured here in stunning Zebrano lacquered green, and also in the Violetto lacquered finish. The lines of the Trend vanity undulate smoothly, whether you pick a double or single version. Finally, the Green vanity is shown here in an explosive orange hue – the vanity is lacquered with a ceramic wash-basin top in a contrasting hue. Explore Novello’s range of contemporary vanities for further inspiration.
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Novello vanity Green - Red composition
Novello vanity Trend in Green

Novello vanity Trend in Purple


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