Small Japanese Houses - traditional Minka house in Ibara

As for traditional Japanese houses, the concept of Minka is followed in this small house design but only in respect to simplicity of the living space. A more modern and spacious version of the common Minka is introduced here by architect Kazunori Fujimoto. Built in 2008 in Ibara, Okayama prefecture, Japan for a young couple who chose to leave overpopulated downtown for a simple farm life and to be closer to nature, this house is "a trial which aims at fusion of traditional farm village scenery and a modern life." As shown on these images, the house architecture is clearly split between two spaces: an enclosed concrete box and an open glass area under concrete roof. The box contains two bedrooms and a bathroom. Under the roof, there are entry, kitchen and a living room that extends into an outdoor terrace. To allow for a more flexible lifestyle in such a small house (only 78.5 square meters), the two spaces can be connected by keeping sliding doors in the bedrooms open. While the concrete box-space is designed for privacy and to limit the sunshine the roof-space is always open to nature and sunlight. Zelkova trees planted in the yard add a finishing touch to this design by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates










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Posted on April 6, 2009 10:19 PM in Japanese Homes


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