Raised House Plans – Big Ideas on a Small Budget

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With a tight lot and an even tighter budget, Tyler Engle Architects designed this raised house plan with a little good ole-fashioned elbow grease and lots of creativity. Set on a steep slope, this house was built as a system of modules set on trestles, hovering above the hillside. In order to meet their meager budget demands, the architects adopted their own interpretation of the traditional Japanese architecture Tatami mat module. The house features a 12-by-16-ft. grid system and 4-by-8-ft. sheets of plywood which, while not exactly “high-end,” create a comfortable and perfectly presentable living space on the cheap. The natural look of the wood exterior continues indoors, where minimalism and naturalism are a key theme with organic materials like wood and stone dominating. Tyler Engle Architects
Photos: Steve Keating
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Posted on January 14, 2010 11:28 PM

I am very much interested in low budget house for hillside resort planing to set up at Chittagong , Bangladesh . So I would like to contact Architect Tyler Engle regarding this

Best regards/ Kamrul Hasan

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