Open Roof House: Sustainable Wood Architecture with Style

This open roof house by French architects Djuric Tardio is an unassuming sustainable structure that's warm, woody and welcoming - here's the tour! The eco house design is prefabricated of sustainably managed timber (Finnish larch panels) and assembled on-site in only two weeks. Large windows flood interiors with natural daylight while helping to passively heat the place during the cold months. But, when the weather is warm, this home is a hotspot for nature-lovers, with outdoor entertaining areas like a deck-style dining room, and mobile kitchen furniture that can be wheeled outside for a total alfresco meal experience. The home's stand-out characteristic is probably its rooftop garden and patio, which resemble an unfinished roof - framed yet open, enhancing that ever-present element of outdoors. A rainwater recycling system lets nature take care of the gardens. Another really cool feature found inside, sliding interior walls let the homeowners manipulate the layout from day to day, to suit their needs. Djuric Tardio
via Dezeen
photo credit: Clement Guillaume








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Posted on February 6, 2012 11:59 PM in Prefab Homes


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