India House Design with Amazing Exterior Walls and Courtyard

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Set on a corner within a dense urban centre in Bangalore, India, this modern home by Indian architecture firm Cadence says so much, without screaming. Dubbed Out of the Box, a simple cube style and a white facade could be described as unassuming, if not for the unusual perforations which adorn the house, and the contemporary staircase that leads up to the entrance. Traditionally known in India as “jali walls,” apart from adding architectural interest these perforated walls also serve to passively cool and ventilate the house. The leaf-motif holes within these concrete exterior walls cast whimsical spots of sunlight onto an indoor courtyard. Typical courtyard home plans put this outdoor/indoor space at the center of the home, but in this innovative architectural design it is moved to the northwest corner at the front of the house. Surprises await at every turn in this stunning, modern home. From the courtyard, floor-to-ceiling glass doors welcome residents and their guests into a comfortable yet contemporary home. Cadence
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Posted on August 10, 2009 5:14 PM
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