Box Style House Plan that is ridiculously cool ...

The idyllic spot of Coromandel, New Zealand, is home to this equally peaceful, restful box style house overlooking the ocean. The simplistic house plan for this coastal cottage by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects was created with a modern twist on traditional New Zealand home design. The wood clad house, as described by the architects, is “the expression of structure, cladding, lining and joinery in a raw and unique way.” The result is a rustic house style of natural timber in a simple, single-storey house plan that keeps the look and lifestyle here casual. This rectangular box-style house features a deck that ushers you from indoors to out seamlessly. Outdoor entertaining areas overlook the oceanfront, with the water gently lapping at its feet. A grand fireplace makes this house equally comfortable through the summer and winter months. Sliding walls create a wonderful outdoor living house plan. Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects.






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Posted on November 1, 2009 11:21 PM in Coastal Homes


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