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Touch Screen Mirror from Stocco plays MP3 - Maitre

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No longer is a mirror just a mirror – the Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror is a reflection of modern luxury. This sleek bathroom essential is all about fun and functional features that transform your bath into your own private lap of luxury. The Maitre mirror sports a touch screen console in the lower-right corner, offering easy programming and operation of radio, date and barometer; a mirror demister with a sensor; the choice of an integrated or exterior lamp; and an MP3 player so you can sing your heart out in the shower! Feature it on its own, or with a stylish Stocco bathroom collection – the Maitre mirror is polished and flush-mounted on an aluminum frame, complementing any contemporary style and bringing an understated elegance to your spa-inspired space. The Maitre mirror is available in sizes from 90cm to over 2m. For details visit Stocco.



Posted in Modern Mirrors on June 1, 2009 9:46 PM

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  • Views: 699

Just like to know the price of the mirror.

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