Prefabricated Thermal Home by Chilean Architect

Architect Sebastian Irarrazaval brings breathtaking beauty to an intentionally utilitarian design. Dubbed La Reserva, this modern, almost mechanical-looking house in Colina, Chile was designed as a low-cost housing solution, “to be sold and repeated in as many places as concerned people exist. In this regard it related to the idea of the container since it has no place.” This 1,290-sq.-ft. prefabricated home makes use of low-cost materials – steel plates, concrete and timber – and a simple geometric form that goes up effortlessly and with minimal resources required. While the home’s building materials offer the advantage of low cost and the bonus of a contemporary, industrial appearance, they were indeed chosen for their durability and for their thermal attributes. Warm air is trapped between the steel plates, and is warmed or cooled by the concrete, and thus regulates the home’s interior temperature. Sebastian Irarrazaval
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Posted on July 4, 2008 12:41 PM in Prefab Homes


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