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Best Modern Luxury Penthouses in the World

Penthouse is the coolest apartment in an entire building. It sits on the top floor, which you never have to hear your neighbor’s step. And chances are there is a roof deck or a terrace overlooking the city. There is also plenty of space in a usually generous penthouse layout that you can use to satisfy your every whim. Modern luxury penthouses are among the most coveted housing options on the market and not only for celebrities.

Modern Luxury Penthouses Across the World

New York and London have the most penthouses, it seems. Modern, luxurious, and often outright ridiculous designs can be found in the neighborhoods of New York, namely SoHo and TriBeCa, as well as other best neighbourhoods around the world. Modern luxury is represented in everything from ceiling-to-floor windows to custom furnishings to creative lighting.

Sky Penthouse, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sky Penthouse living room with a view
Sky Penthouse living room with a view
Ultra modern dining room design in Sky Penthouse
Ultra modern dining room design in Sky Penthouse
Neon lights in a Sky Penthouse staircase
Neon lights in a Sky Penthouse staircase via World of Architecture

Sky Penthouse is located in Tel Aviv. Its huge windows open up to the city views from the two-level living room. Built-in neon lights add colorful accents to the predominantly white interior. Each area has its own artwork or an entire array of sculptures. Even some of the lighting fixtures are sculptured.

Four bedroom and four bathroom abode also boasts an indoor swimming pool clad in sparkling blue mosaic tiles. And there is, of course, a wooden terrace with a seating area overlooking the city.

Another distinct feature of this mind-boggling penthouse is the dizzying suspended Lucite staircase lit with neon lights that beautifully color it blue and purple.

Multi-million Penthouse in New York

Penthouse in Soho
Penthouse in Soho
Bedroom in penthouse in Soho
Bedroom with a tremendous skylight above the bed
Soho penthouse bathroom
Crazy bathroom design features an atrium 

This penthouse in SoHo was finished in 2014 and comes at a price of $26.58 million and looking at this apartment it is not hard to see why. Designed by Piero Manara & Debla Manara-Berger of Casamanara it is finished with wooden and stone floors, luxurious furnishings, bedroom and bathroom skylights.

Home theater and fitness center are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern luxury penthouses. In this SoHo dwelling there is also a majestic atrium in the bath, a rooftop deck, and even a small water tower. A six-person steam room, a spa bathroom and a massage room round out the amenities.

A steam room, though, lacks in skylights provides an atmosphere of a starry night sky with some gorgeous fibre optic lighting.

Creative Penthouse Design in Almaty

Luxury penthouse in Kazakhstan
Luxury penthouse in Kazakhstan
Black hallway in a luxury Kazakh penthouse
Black hallway visually separates the rooms
Incredible hallway in a luxury Kazakh penthouse
Incredible hallway sandwiched between cloud-printed wardrobe

Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan this creative penthouse must be one of the best modern luxury penthouses we’ve ever seen. It was designed by a Berlin-based studio COORDINATION. Using the neutral white base the designers highlighted and ‘hid’ some of the areas like an entrance hallway with different colors. Blue and orange accents contrast nicely with black and white while empty wall space is filled with simple art or framed phrases.

Two of the design solutions that stand out the most is a glass shelving that doubles as a room divider and a hallway with storage walls treated with the images of clouds.

This is a truly unusual and creative design that is worth of its own magazine spread. Other rooms are highlighted with sophisticated brights like chartreuse and emerald green. While bedroom is overlooking the city the bathrooms offer a museum feel with their stone sinks and backlighting.

Modern Luxury Penthouse in London

Modern penthouse in London
Modern penthouse in London
Bedroom in London penthouse
Cool modern bedroom
Bathroom views in London penthouse
Bathroom with a view

We go to London next for this beautiful penthouse designed by TG-Studio. Located in an Edwardian building it is surprisingly modern and almost modest in its luxury. This is a great line to walk if you’re not very comfortable with a more flamboyant decor.

Luxury of this apartment lies in unexpected details like a glazed bathroom wall, an intricate weaved outdoor chair, and of course premium quality materials. The result is surprisingly inviting and even homely, but at times also exciting.

One of the bedrooms looks like an ordinary modern interior, but behind a curtain there is again a glazed wall that helps to take advantage of the city views only a penthouse can provide.

Futuristic Penthouse in London

Lansdowne Crescent Penthouse
Lansdowne Crescent Penthouse
Lansdowne Crescent Penthouse living room
Living room with spaceship windows
Lansdowne Crescent Penthouse bedroom
Bedroom continues the spaceship design theme via CAAN Design

Another London penthouse is located in Notting Hill. It features hydraulic moving glass roof panels that give it a very futuristic spaceship-like look. Inside the £7,85 million property there are incredible interiors with built-in colorful lighting, enormous fireplace, and ultra modern furnishings.

Multiple bedrooms all have a bit of their own character, although the ultra-modern aesthetic is kept throughout the apartment. In order to soften the overwhelming glossy surfaces the designers used wooden inclusions, animal hide rugs, and soft furniture.

Artworks decorate the walls in almost every room and one of them even features wooden logs in place of a headboard. Log accents are echoed in the living room twin coffee tables, which makes for all the more coherent flow of the decor.

Luxurious Penthouse in Mexico City

Penthouse overlooking Mexico City
Penthouse overlooking Mexico City
Dining room in a penthouse in Mexico City
Dining room’s glass tabletop strengthens the interior’s airy feel 
Penthouse in Mexico City
Open layout is partially broken with wooden cabinetry 

Let’s go back to North America with this modern penthouse overlooking Mexico city. Conceived by ARCHETONIC who wanted to bring the breathtaking views inside the spacious abode it looks sophisticated but inviting. Hence, the huge windows that stretch throughout the living area drowning everything in soft golden sunlight.

Dividing the areas with furniture the designers managed to create a media room that is separate from the living area. A strip of minimalist cabinetry provides with elegant storage space that works for every zone from dining room to the kitchen.

Thanks to spacious areas penthouses have the most beautiful art including sculptures. Here, the sculptured wooden piece stands in between the kitchen and media room. And thanks to the open layout it can be observed from almost any point in space.

Modern Luxury Penthouse in Toronto

Penthouse apartment in Toronto
Penthouse apartment in Toronto
Kitchen in Toronto penthouse
Kitchen with an onyx working surface
Bathroom in Toronto penthouse
Majestic marble bathroom

Cecconi Simone has designed this penthouse apartment in Toronto for a young couple who downsized from a private suburban house. It was a blank canvas for the designer to realize the vision of an urban luxury lifestyle.

As in many other penthouses walls are decorated with artworks and artistic screens. Master suite features an entire gallery. In the kitchen there is a beautiful spacious breakfast bar and an adjoined dining area facing the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Cleverly dividing public and private areas the designer also created his and her ensuites with dressing areas to make the mornings less noisy and stressful. This particular design shows that modern luxury penthouses are like mansions only for city-dwellers who don’t like to give up their exciting city lifestyle.

Clock Tower Penthouse in New York

Clock Tower triplex in New York
Clock Tower triplex in New York
Clock tower windows
Clock face windows starkly contrast with sterile white walls
Clock tower penthouse views
Penthouse views are truly unparalleled

FPE Architects have worked on this amazing penthouse triplex to make it stand out among the rest of the modern luxury penthouses. Provided that they had fortunate original premises the penthouse turned out completely unique. Located in Brooklyn the apartment offers views of both Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. On the other hand, the windows that used to be clocks of this Clock Tower are still visible from the bridges, only now they act as windows instead.

At an $18 million price tag the home offers 16 to 50 foot ceilings, white oak plank floors, a private elevator, and heated stone floors in the bathroom. Designed in white to allow a stark contrast with the clock face windows the interior calls for a minimalist design, but there is always room for experiments.

Back in 2010 the apartment was offered for $25 million and it would seem there’ll be an entire line of buyers for a penthouse with such a stunning design. Alas it still struggles to find permanent residents.

Exuberant Triplex Penthouse in New York

Luxury triplex penthouse in Soho
Luxury triplex penthouse in SoHo
Dining room in a penthouse in Soho
Formal dining room has huge windows
Staircase in penthouse in Soho
Fur-stepped staircase with glass railings via My Fancy House

This triplex penthouse in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. But the best part is the apartment’s design that treads the line (pretty carelessly) between luxurious and ridiculous. This must be the pinnacle of modern luxury penthouse design.

For example, there is a formal dining room for fourteen people with three chandeliers, a long glass table, and intricate metallic chairs. Fur-covered steps in a staircase connecting the different levels is also just a fraction of its decor extravaganza.

A walk-in butler’s pantry, a library, a spa, and a master suite with a private terrace round out the long list of amenities that of course includes a swimming pool.

Modest Luxury in Penthouse Design in Stockholm

Luxury penthouse in Stockholm
Luxury penthouse in Stockholm
Fireplace in a penthouse in Stockholm
Open fireplace adds intrigue to the minimal living room 
Luxury bath in Stockholm penthouse
Luxury black bath features a rounded wall repeating the form of a freestanding tub via home Reviews

This Stockholm apartment might seem like a regular Scandinavian-style home but it’s actually a $3,2 million property in a 1907 building. The traditionally white interiors and modest luxury design make it look very inviting and lived-in.

In the living room there are numerous windows instead of more familiar glazed walls. An interesting fireplace makes a focal point of the room decorated with black and chartreuse accents.

The bathroom might actually be the most luxury part of the entire penthouse with its spacious freestanding tub and stone tiles.

Penthouse in Mumbai
Penthouse in Mumbai
Dining room in Mumbai penthouse
Dining room with marble floors and backlit stone dinner table base
Living room in a penthouse in Mumbai
Backlighting is a big part of the design

ZZ Architects are responsible for this luxurious penthouse design in Mumbai. The lavish apartment is clad in wood and stone. In the dining and living rooms there are even backlit stone inclusions. In fact, the built-in lighting is used throughout the house.

Boasting a private terrace the penthouse doesn’t shy away from luxury at all offering marble flooring all around the place. A spacious seating area with a modeled glass ceiling and patterned blinds makes for an amazing room for receiving guests.

Modern luxury penthouses differ little in terms of design even around the world. Lavish furnishings, bold design solutions and obscene amounts of space make them a great alternative to a mansion. In modern luxury penthouses anything is possible, the only problem might be the traffic.



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  2. Penthouses are synonymous with luxury. But just because your your penthouse dream home may be a bit out of reach, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of the incredible design ideas into your own home for a luxurious feel. Take a look at these stunning penthouses and their meticulous designs to find ideas you could bring into your own space. Fair warning, you may drool a little in the process!
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