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Most Luxurious and Expensive London Penthouses

Property in Britain is expensive as it is, but when you add in luxury, it becomes ridiculously costly. Penthouses are usually the most luxurious flats in the city of London. They have this boutique hotel look and feel to them unlike many more approachable New York loft style penthouses. Think sophisticated furnishings and luxurious materials, crystal chandeliers, and glitzy surfaces. Additionally offering amazing views of the city, London penthouses are among the most expensive in the world.

Best London Penthouses

London penthouses definitely have their own style. It’s more sleek and polished and even the most luxurious apartments look inviting and quite traditional, some even conservative. There are, of course, exceptions, but these are mostly celebrity-oriented cribs that often flaunt more glitz and glamour.

Carlton House Terrace Penthouse – £35 million

Carlton House Terrace Penthouse
Carlton House Terrace Penthouse
Carlton House Terrace Penthouse Dining Room
Luxury dining room with a crystal chandelier and a fireplace
Carlton House Terrace Penthouse views
Carlton House Terrace Penthouse views

Carton House Terrace penthouse offered at £35 million (~$45m) is a truly gorgeous property. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a rooftop terrace that offers amazing views of The Shard, Big Ben and London Eye.

Its luxurious style incorporates reflective flooring, crystal chandeliers, and a rare stone finish in the bathroom. Kitchen and bedroom feature wooden flooring and no less luxe furnishings among which is a tall leather headboard in every bedroom.

In the dining room there is a modern open fireplace that gives the cold luxe interior a bit of warmth in more than one way. And occasional art pieces provide the place with more personality and character.

The Heron South Penthouse – £15 million

The Heron Penthouse
The Heron Penthouse
The Heron Penthouse staircase
Dramatic staircase connecting levels
The Heron Penthouse kitchen
High-end Boffi kitchen in light neutral color scheme

Priced at £15 million (~$19.3m) The Heron South Penthouse features Sahara Noir marble floors and bespoke Boffi kitchens along with other luxurious details that pervade its every corner. In the living room window views are amplified with a grand skylight in the ceiling.

Abundant built-in lights level the apartment’s surprisingly low ceilings and the plentiful artworks give the place an atmosphere of a livable gallery. In the media room there’s enough space to entertain guests with a sports game or a movie. And the two levels of the apartment are connected with a grand staircase designed with a built-in illuminated runner made of stone.

Abbots House Duplex Penthouse – £15 million

Abbots House in London
Abbots House in London
Abbots Duplex Penthouse
Duplex penthouse living room with a view
Abbots Duplex Penthouse indoor swimming pool
The indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof

Abbots House penthouse is an elegant modern dwelling designed in neutral tones of white, grey, and blue. At £15 million (~$19.3m) it offers 4 bedrooms, a Jacuzzi-style bath in the master bedroom, and a Bulthaup kitchen. In addition, there is also an outdoor terrace overlooking south-west London and an indoor swimming pool illuminated with a row of sloping skylights.

The impressive home has a soaring vaulted ceiling in the reception room with arched wall-sized windows. A spiral staircase leading to more private quarters among which are a bespoke built-in dressing room and a media area with an office desk doubles as a focal point in the main room.

The Mellier, Mayfair Penthouse – £30 million

Mayfair Penthouse in London
Mayfair Penthouse in London
Mayfair Penthouse views
Mayfair Penthouse views
Mayfair Penthouse gallery
Spacious hallway makes a perfect art gallery

Mayfair penthouse is a £30 million (~$38.7) property that used to be a home to Charles Mellier. Renovated by interior designers Eric Parry and Sally Mackereth the apartment echoes the white house exterior. Numerous skylights and light wooden floors help to keep it bright and airy.

Blank wall space in a big hallway is filled with different kinds of art while a low bench serves as both a seat and a place to put one’s shoes on. Sloping windows in the seating room offer panoramic views of the city and sky and the glazed walls in the living area open up to a wood-clad terrace.

Penthouse at NEO Bankside – £30 million

Penthouse at NEO Bankside, London
Penthouse at NEO Bankside, London
Penthouse at NEO Bankside, inner terrace
Inner terrace with giant sloping windows
Penthouse at NEO Bankside, bedroom
Contemporary bedroom with ensuite bathroom separated by sliding doors

Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners this duplex penthouse is an ultra modern home with two spacious private terraces, 4 bedrooms and as many baths. Though its interiors are reserved in comparison to others it bears a whopping price tag of £30 million ($37.8 m).

Making use of a sloping roof the designers created a few interior spaces with indoor/outdoor feel in the house. Numerous windows illuminate the apartment further, bringing city views to the sanctum of a contemporary bedroom.

Standing out among other London penthouses with its more reserved interior style this modern abode is everything a practical resident could want.

Academy Gardens Duchess of Bedford Walk, Kensington – £26 million

Academy Gardens Duchess of Bedford's Walk
Academy Gardens Duchess of Bedford’s Walk
Academy Gardens Duchess of Bedford's Walk bathroom
Bathroom with wooden accents and an interesting window treatment
Academy Gardens Duchess of Bedford's Walk bath
Alcove tub bathroom with built-in lights

A luxurious £26 million (~$33.5m) penthouse in Kensington is a five-bedroom duplex designed in a traditional style. Featuring an open layout it boasts oak hardwood floors, heated walls and underfloor heating along with such amenities as a massage room, a sauna, and a gym.

The living area houses quite a lot of drama with its brick doubled-faced fireplace and two wrought-iron staircases leading to the private quarters. In the kitchen traditional and contemporary styles merge to accommodate every need of a potential resident.

Wellington Court, Knightsbridge – £35 million

Tom Cruise's London penthouse
Tom Cruise’s London penthouse
Tom Cruise's London penthouse, kitchen
Glossy kitchen with a leather padded breakfast nook and a giant kitchen island
Tom Cruise's London penthouse, bathroom
All-marble bathroom with a freestanding tub

Wellington Court penthouse that used to be a home to the likes of Tom Cruise and Rihanna hit the market again last year with a price tag of £35 million (~$45m). The luxurious pad boasts 10,000 square feet (929 sq m) and lots and lots (and we mean lots) of mirrored and metallic accents.

Besides the glitzy interiors the six-bedroom home includes a cinema, a Jacuzzi, and a home bar. Black oak parquet flooring is partially covered with white plush carpets and rugs while the spacious bathroom features marble floors and walls.

South Bank Tower Penthouse – £90 million

South Bank Tower penthouse living area and kitchen
South Bank Tower penthouse living area and kitchen
South Bank Tower penthouse kitchen
Another kitchen concept
South Bank Tower penthouse bathroom
South Bank Tower penthouse bathroom

South Bank Tower penthouse is one of the most expensive London penthouses. At £90 million (~$116m) it offers unparalleled views of the London Eye.

Completed just last year the penthouse sits on the 41st floor of the South Bank Tower and these proposed interior designs by Uniform look very fitting. Open layout, sculptured staircases and glass bathroom walls  is what makes this penthouse so truly incredible.

One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge – £140 million

One Hyde Park, London
One Hyde Park, London
Living room in One Hyde Park Penthouse London
Living room with a dramatic crystal chandelier
One Hyde Park Penthouse in London
Seating area filled with high-end furnishings

One Hyde Park penthouse caused quite a stir back in 2014 with a £140 million (~$180m) price tag, which made it the most expensive among London penthouses. In fact, the price varies from source to source and even reaches a whopping $237 million mark, according to Business Insider. But if it’s any close to even $150 million, it makes the most expensive London flat indeed.

From the looks of it the interiors are packed with luxury details, sculptures, crystal lighting fixtures, and all kinds of premium quality materials. There are amazing views of the city, of course, opening up through the wall-sized windows and also various amenities to complement the life on top.

Petersham House, South Kensington – 10 million

Hugh Grant's London Penthouse
Hugh Grant’s London Penthouse
Hugh Grant's London Penthouse, bedroom
Bedroom with lots of windows and a mirrored wall
Hugh Grant's London Penthouse, kitchen
Even kitchen is filled with reflective surfaces

Hugh Grant’s former penthouse in South Kensington may not be the most expensive but it’s definitely one of the most luxurious. Styled a lot like Tom Cruise’s former London pad the apartment offers 3 bedrooms, a roof terrace, a hot tub, and a gym at the price of $10 million.

Decorated abundantly with mirrors, metallic and reflective surfaces, it’s a place when one can easily go blind from all the glitz. Everything is done to visually enhance the already spacious apartment and fill it up with more luxury. Celebrities, eh?

London penthouses are definitely not your average industrial style lofts. They are designed with elegance and style and definitely target the mega rich. There aren’t many overly decorated flats either, but they are undoubtedly no less luxurious than their TriBeCa counterparts.



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