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8 Creative Dual Purpose Tables You’ll Love

When you walk into a room, front and center is the table. And as these 8 awesome table designs illustrate, a great table is never just “a table.” Go for something a little different with a dual-purpose table that serves up a side of personality along with dinner. From multi-functional coffee tables, and playful dining tables, to those with an unusual artistic flair, these are sure to when your appetite for some snazzy style.

The Stumble Upon Coffee Table
The Stumble Upon Coffee Table is indeed an unexpected treasure that’s not immediately apparent. This dual-purpose coffee table is at first disguised as a lush rug. But simply flip up a corner and – voila! The smooth underside transforms into a low-riding coffee table surface perfect for displaying magazines in your living room or den.
via Alessandro Isola

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creative dual purpose tables stumble upon coffee table 2 thumb 630xauto 47125 8 Creative Dual Purpose Tables Youll Love

Cat Table
If you’re an animal-lover or just love cool, unusual furniture, this Cat Table is a must-see. The beautiful wood tabletop features cubbies and tunnels perfect for curious kitties to explore and hide in. The angled legs give the table a contemporary yet fun flair.


Touch Table
Here’s one for the techies out there. The Touch Table began as a fabulous fake gaining viral status on the web. But due to its popularity, it was actually developed into a real-deal, 32- and 60-inch tabletop with a multi-touch display that derives its operations directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The table can be used flat, in traditional table form, or it can be flipped up vertically, in smartphone form.


Marble Track Table
When you think “marble” and “table,” this isn’t exactly what comes to mind. We love the playful appeal of the Marble Track Table, which features a smooth wood surface etched with marble-sized grooves running from the top, along the legs and right down to the base. Have you lost your marbles? Not! This table is as beautiful as it is fun.


Swing Table
And here we go again! Whoever said it’s impolite to play with your dinner obviously hasn’t seen the Swing Table. This dining table is enclosed in a four-poster frame, surrounded by eight suspended swing seats and topped by an integrated chandelier.


Chalkboard Coffee Table
From art class to coffee break, this Chalkboard Coffee Table is a great design for any living room. The modern black finish makes a dramatic focal point – especially when graced with some original sketches, or perhaps a game of hangman on-the-go!
via Duffy London


PicNYC Table
The PicNYC Table bring a bit of the great outdoors into any home – especially awesome for small urban apartments that don’t have the luxury or a backyard – inspired by and named after NYC! Now, you too can picnic to your heart’s and stomach’s content! This steel dining table is topped by a fresh patch of grass – no centerpiece required, just add water!
via Haiko Cornelissen Architecture


iPhone Soundbox Table
The iPhone Soundbox Table is the ideal work station for the music lover. Inspired by a sound-station set-up, the desk features an iPhone port within its retro style enclosure of copper, wood and steel. Love!
via Behance




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