Futuristic Bridge Design Overarches the Copenhagen Harbor – CPH Arch by 3XN

Stretching across Copenhagen Harbor, a spectacular specimen of modern architecture takes shape. This proposed bridge and urban center, developed by the architects at 3XN, not only bridges the geographical gap between Marmormolen and Langeliniekaj; the futuristic CPH Arch moves from architecture, to innovation, to modern art in leaps and bounds. Consisting of two distinct towers and a bridge bowed between then, this modern design is notable for its sleek, singular silhouette and an all-encompassing curve that flows as freely overhead as do the waters that run beneath it. But the uber-modern appeal also a function. “Establishing a connection across the harbor radically improves public access and creates brand new opportunities for life and growth in the area,” according to the architects. 3XN.






Posted on November 25, 2008 11:49 AM


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