Sustainable Residential Design by Vector Architects - prefabricated grass clad house

This modern, sustainable structure in Beijing, China, houses the CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom. Created by Vector Architects, the 500m2 project is a temporary showcase for sustainable residential design, wrapped in an eco-friendly envelope of its own. After three years time, this modern model will be dismantled, but long after it’s gone the conservational principle behind it will remain. The building was created with the three-year term in mind, reflecting an easy-to-dismantle, recyclable, environmentally low-impact design. Steel makes up the main structure. The material is reusable, and it’s prefabricated so as to minimize site impact. Additionally, the building is raised off the ground to eliminate the need for excavation and environmental upset. A grass-paneling system covers the structure’s walls and roof for enhanced thermal efficiency, reduced storm water runoff and increased greenspace in this urban center. Vector Architects.
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15 Dec 2008 | Architecture |

Modern China Architecture - Shanghai Tower Twists its Way to the Top

Reaching for the sky, the spectacular design for The Shanghai Tower is a twisting, winding marvel of modern architecture. At 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is said to rise 140 meters higher than the Mori Building –currently the world's highest observatory – securing its title as the tallest building in China. Consisting of nine cylindrical buildings, stacked and enclosed in an outer double skin, this ultra-modern design, by San Francisco-based Gensler, will house office space, a luxury hotel, nine gardens, a retail component and entertainment, and will be a stop along Shanghai’s new Metro stop. Gensler
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5 Dec 2008 | Architecture |

Modern Restaurant Design in Amsterdam - Copper-Clad in the Sky

The next time you’re at the food court in your local mall, visions of this ultra modern restaurant design by London architects Virgile and Stone will have your mouth watering for more. Located inside the central atrium of Amsterdam’s Villa ArenA furniture mall, this unusual restaurant sits perched atop a series of concrete columns. The extraordinary eatery is accessed via two footbridges which connect to the mall’s second shopping level. The main structure is lean, mean and green through and through. The contemporary cladding is oxidized TECU copper, and each end of the main body is capped in expanses of glass, providing unobstructed views of the mall while enclosing the space from the hustle and bustle below. Virgile and Stone.
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4 Dec 2008 | Architecture |

Eco-Architecture in the Italian Alps by Lovegrove Studio - Living in a Futuristic Sustainable Bubble

London-based Lovegrove Studio has redefined the term, “living in a bubble” with a futuristic take on the mountain chalet. Geared to stand at an altitude of 2,100 meters in Piz la Ila, Alta Badia, Italy, the ultra-modern Alpine Capsule will not only rival the spectacular views of its surroundings, it will actually reflect them in its unique mirror-finish facade. Resembling the reflective fluidity of mercury, Alpine Capsule is intended to “de-materialize” its appearance from the outside, while from the inside the one-way mirror coating allows overnight guests to enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of the Italian Alps. The interior is a blend of modern, minimalist and soft three-dimensional style designed for relaxation. Apart from its contemporary concept and look, Alpine Bubble is also a sustainable design, entirely off-the-grid and powered by alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic technology integrated with vertical wind turbines. Construction will begin in 2010. Lovegrove Studio
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Modern German Design Goes for the Gold - Library by architecture firm FF Architekten

In a country where history is ever-present in modern art, architecture and life, German architecture firm FF Architekten has combined the old and the new in their striking design for the unique Luckenwalde Library. Located in the town of Luckenwalde, this cool, contemporary structure incorporates the town’s original rail station, which is found alongside the new, most-modern addition – a golden rhomboid. The rail station’s classic walls and ceilings have been preserved, and the space updated with new furnishings. Abutting the traditional structure, the whimsical, contemporary cube houses a youth center and a children’s library, offering a quirky location for learning and lounging with a good book. FF Architekten
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