Modern Occasional Furniture by Porada


Italian furniture company Porada is putting some fun into your home decor with this modern occasional furniture. These sculptural, unusual furniture pieces are as eye-catching as they are functional – a must in the modern home. The Flamingo wooden clothes stands bring some order to your clothing chaos. These playful designs let you hang your hat while doubling as an art piece! To accommodate your storage needs, the Empire cupboard is stylishly clad in a walnut, lacquered black or glossy white finish, outlined in a modern mirror frame. Each front door features a divot, and a touch-and-latch system for easy access. Then, kick back and put your feet up on a luxurious leather pouf, the Alcide will do nicely! These classic black and white poufs will complement any decorating style, whether modern, traditional or somewhere in between. For more on these modern occasional furnishings, visit Porada.




20 Feb 2010 | Furniture |

Modern Soft Sofas - polyurethane red sofa by Skitsch


Have you ever cozied up in your sleeping bag and wondered, “Why isn’t there a couch made of this stuff?” Well, if you have, you can stop wondering – these modern soft sofas by Skitsch are lush, plush and ready for you to sink into. The Sack Red polyurethane sofa, designed by Marc Sadler, is redefining “furniture” with its frameless, formless composition. This three-seat sofa features removable and repositionable backrests, which allow you to go from sofas of various configurations to a bed with ease. This relaxing, comfortable, casual couch design is made for flopping, sprawling and lolling in any which way. Check out these modern soft sofa designs by visiting Skitsch.


11 Feb 2010 | Furniture |

Modern Furniture Designs by Beside: Armchairs, Coffee Table and Sofas

With a style that is as unusual as their names, these modern furniture designs by Beside will bring some new excitement to your everyday. These armchairs, coffee tables and sofas designed by Giopato & Coombes boast unique silhouettes complemented by a range of hot hues that make them really stand out in a crowd.



The Sissi Armchair features delicate back and arm rests, gently curving like flower petals and perched atop slim, steel legs. Their light look makes them a great addition to small spaces or modern, minimalist designs. The fabric chair covers are removable, so you can wash them or change them up to suit your mood!


The Slice Coffee Table features a contemporary asymmetrical shape. The lacquered wood base resembles a disheveled tic-tac-toe table, topped by a tempered glass top. Very cool!


The Fold Sofa is another cool piece of furniture that is suited to small and large spaces, thanks to its modular design. Position them to be a large or small as you like, and set them up in a variety of compositions to suit your style and needs.



The Jemily Sofa is another modular must-have, characterized by its asymmetrical arm/backrest and clean, contemporary lines. The removable armrest means you can combine pieces in various angles to create a custom sofa.



Last but not least in this modular sofa collection, the Bool Sofa is a series of upholstered units, curved to create a circular seating area. The backrests can be placed horizontally or at a 45-degree angle, allowing for a low profile ideal small or low-ceilinged spaces. Arrange them individually or combine the pieces to accommodate a crowd.

Check out these modern furniture essentials, by Beside.

10 Feb 2010 | Furniture |

Unusual Radiators by Andrea Ramponi and Karim Rashid


Make your home a functionally fashionable place with these unusual radiators. The ultra-modern designer Dado radiator by Andrea Ramponi is a funky dice design, available in a black-and-white floor model that can be stacked vertically or aligned horizontally to suit your space. Or on a smaller but equally funky scale, the Kb8 radiator is a wall-mounted design ideal for condos or compact homes, featuring interlocking dice in cool metallic hues that are sure to heat up your home in more ways than one! The Rock and Roll radiator by Karim Rashid is another “hot” design, stacked and stunning! Available in a modern metallic finish or in a choice of contemporary colors, this designer radiator is an artful way to crank up the heat. For more information, visit id-ee.



26 Jan 2010 | Furniture |

Oval Cocktail Tables - Polo glass pedestal table by Compar


Complement your contemporary taste with the Polo cocktail table by Compar. This ultra-modern glass pedestal table features an oval, round or irregularly shaped clear-glass tabletop framed by a white, black or orange band and set atop a conical base finished in chrome, black or white. This chic oval table is also available with a white lacquered MDF tabletop and a white conical base, for those who have more minimalist style sensibilities. Regardless of your decor preferences, these cool cocktail tables will have your party guests toasting your passion for home fashion. Check out these funky tables by Compar.


15 Dec 2009 | Furniture |

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