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Outdoor Moonlight Globe Light


The outdoor Moonlight Globe Light adds a dazzle to outdoor space or landscape it’s placed in. The globes can be used as pieces of contemporary decor around the patio, in the garden, or as a functioning light, even as an evening pool accessory. The globes can be customized for shape; size; color; whether it’s cordless, has a long cord with a plug, or hard wired; models; as well, there are endless accessories for the globe lights. They are truly one of the most versatile lighting systems. The globe shells are made from a sturdy, shatterproof polyethylene and are engineered to be waterproof and durable in extreme cold and heat – perfect for all year round ornaments in the outdoors. Moonlight Globe Lights are priced at $300 and the popular models are available online at Home Infatuation, and custom orders can be placed at Moonlight Inc.. The lights come in four sizes: 10-, 14-, 22- and 30-in. in diameter, and are shaped in half and full globes.


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22 Sep 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

Invisible Street Light - subtle and beautiful urban design


Now you can light up trees with the subtle and beautiful Invisible Street Light, without the hassle of decorative Christmas lights. The modern and chic design of the light blends into the tree creating an “invisible” element. The light conserves energy from the sunlight during the day to produce light in the evening. Since the Invisible Streetlight does not need support, it is wrapper around tree branches adding to the “invisible” factor. Streets can be lined with these lights adding a romantic lighting to the surroundings. Whether you’re looking for lighting for residential (light up the path on your secluded driveway), commercial or industrial (add some lighting around the entranceway to your business) – the lights are non-obtrusive and will create an added touch of panache to the outdoors. Learn more about the Invisible Streetlight at Coroflot.


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5 Sep 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lit Decorative Panel - Concentric and Expansion XL panels


Live life large with an Expansion XL outdoor lit decorative panel or a smaller Concentric lit panel. These five-panel art deco pieces could be used as a hanging piece of art on a deck, or placed in the grass of your backyard to add a delicious amount of modern art. Rob Zinn designed these satin-white powder coated aluminum, steel and brass sheets that are transformed into sharp vivid colors. There are patterns printed on the reverse side of the panel, and when lit on, the magic happens – the “hidden” colors are reflected back to illuminate each preceding panel. The panels are available in warm, cool, yellow or aqua color palettes, and can be purchased at Generate for $2499 for XL and $1,999 for Concentric.


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26 Aug 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

Moon Jar - Solar Powered Lamp


If you’ve ever wanted a piece of the moon, the Moon Jar, a solar powered lamp, is the closest thing you can find without traveling into outer space. Tobias Wong created this elegant and brilliant design – a mason jar with a solar panel inside. When placed on a windowsill, it soaks up the rays from the sun, and will provide a calming blue-toned light for the evening. It’s an interesting piece of decor for your patio – it’s eco-smart and is cordless – ideal for large and small spaces, lining up a garden or path, or simply as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. Because the jar is frosted, it disguises the three LED lights that are inside, thus making the jar during the day, just as nice of a decor piece and not an eyesore. Available at PerpetualKid and Target for $39.99
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25 Aug 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

Solar Mate - portable solar lighting kit for garden or shed


Solar Mate is a great portable, cordless lighting solution for a garden or shed. It can be placed wherever you want and will provide light for up to seven hours per 24 hour period. It’s got an energy-saving 12-volt bulb, which will illuminate an area of 16 sq. meters. No special tools are needed to assemble the lighting kit, all you need to buy (or find) is any standard car or caravan battery, new or old. The kit includes mountings for a roof or wall, 5 meters of cabling and connectors, 1 bulb holder and one wall switch. Solar Mate comes with a 10-year warranty. Next time you’re digging around the shed looking for a tool, or looking for a pool noodle in the dark pool house, think about Solar Mate, and how simple it could be to get ‘shed some light’ in an eco-friendly sort of way. Available at Ecotopia for £79.99 (US $148).

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23 Aug 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

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