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Contemporary Cabana by Paola Lenti - Cabanne

Contemporary Cabana by Paola Lenti - Cabanne

It's a cool cabana with a contemporary twist - Cabanne is every lounger's dream! An exploration between container and content, this modern architectural feature is the collaboration between Paola Lenti and Bestetti Associati, rolling simple style, high-tech materials and...

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4 Oct 2011 | Architectural Elements

French Style Courtyard

French Style Courtyard

Summer is around the corner and this French style courtyard awakens dreams of outdoor gatherings. This amazing building, formerly a mill in the 16th century, was converted into a residence by Gerard Faivre. The beauty of the building itself...

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11 Apr 2011 | Architectural Elements

Small Backyard Design with Pool: Idea by Bestor Architecture


Here is a creative idea for a small backyard design with a pool by Bestor Architecture. Notice how the pool and the house are positioned at an angle. This formation effectively splits a small and very private backyard into two separate areas. One side for after-pool lounging and bonfires by night and the other for friendly gatherings and meals. What’s also great is that the roof hangs off the house significantly, providing shelter to both sides. At night this cozy backyard turns into an illuminated delight. The large full-length doors and windows allow the warm interior light to shine out while the pool lights and the flames from the fire provide attractive kinetic lighting and set an inviting, relaxing mood. The layout and design elements of this outdoor space are exemplary of thoughtful planning and creative thinking when constrained by the lot shape. For more information, visit Bestor Architecture.
via At Casa.

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24 Mar 2011 | Architectural Elements

Glass Verandas by OpenSun


Extend the indoors out with this modern glass veranda by OpenSun. This modern circular addition to your home encloses any area in contemporary floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide open. It’s available in any size, so your only boundaries are your imagination, and your budget! Open up your home to a hot tub or swimming pool and deck, create a walk-through kitchen, or add nature into the living room where you’ll enjoy unobstructed vistas of city, forest, desert – wherever you call “home.” Regardless if you live in a warm or cool climate, you’ll enjoy this glass veranda all year round. For more information visit OpenSun.

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15 Sep 2010 | Architectural Elements

Outdoor Glass Art by SWON Design


Montreal-based design firm SWON does wonderful work with glass and light, blurring the boundary between art and outdoor design. Check them out, they're definitely work a look!


A fabulous al fresco feature, Cascade is a waterfall-inspired glass wall overlooking a landscaped garden in Toronto, Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario. This 10-ft. long, seven-ft. high glass installation was meticulously crafted of 77 ladle-poured glass blocks, shimmering in various tones of blue and green. Even the texture of water is echoed in the piece. And fittingly, the glass wall was incorporated into a real waterfall, which lets the muse flow freely over the glass.


Another really cool, contemporary design is the Glass Rock Garden – if you like unusual, modern art in unexpected places, you'll love this! Located on a rooftop, Glass Rock Garden is a 14-by-4-ft. stainless steel "pond," filled with small stones and three large "rocks" made of a series of 1/2-inch thick sculpted glass plates.

For more information visit SWON Design.

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12 Aug 2010 | Architectural Elements

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