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Sometimes to think “out of the box”, you need to be in the box. Literally. As Melinda Fulmer at MSN Real Estate reports, large metal shipping containers that are left empty at ports around the country are being repurposed into modern, eco-friendly housing. What began as an experiment for emergency housing has become a realistic – and less costly option – to traditional construction. Peter DeMaria of DeMaria Design in Manhattan Beach, California has launched a home building company, Logical Homes, which will offer nine models of container homes for construction around Southern California. The homes will average about $150 to $200 per square foot; in comparison to $220 to $250 per square for traditional construction in the area.


Logical Homes models will range from 640 to 3,250 square feet and look very much like mid-century tract homes from the exterior. The corrugated metal shipping containers are enhanced with large windows and custom paint. Energy-efficient appliances and bamboo flooring add to the eco-equation inside, while recycled denim insulation helps keep heating and cooling demands to a minimum.

New York-based architect and artist Adam Kalkin has been building homes with repurposed shipping containers since the year 2000. He states “ People have begun to think of this as viable instead of weird”. David Cross, founder of SG Blocks, a St. Louis container retrofitting firm, says that the advantage of the metal boxes being easier to assemble onsite reduces building costs by as much as 40% on some projects. In addition, the homes are exceptionally sturdy – a big selling point for homeowners located in areas with earthquakes, hurricanes and/or tornadoes.

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Posted by Debra Emmons on August 28, 2008 2:20 PM


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