Energy Film Provides Inexpensive Window Insulation - Save Energy


Budget-friendly and easy to apply, transparent Energy Film window insulation helps to decrease heat loss through windows in the winter and block incoming solar heat in the summer – without reducing the amount of natural light a room receives. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “an estimated $30 billion or more of energy is lost per year through single pane windows”.


Installation of Energy Film requires three simple steps: 1) measuring, 2) applying a mild dish soap and water mixture and 3) removing the excess moisture with a squeegee. For larger windows, multiple sheets of this inexpensive window insulation can be applied side by side for a nearly seamless application. To accommodate unusually shaped or small windows, Energy Film may be trimmed to fit with a utility knife. Sheet sizes include 24” x 48’, 36” x 48”. 48” x 84” as well as a 49” x 100” roll. Energy Film can be purchased online or at your neighborhood Home Depot.

Photos courtesy of Energy Film.

2 Sep 2008 | Building Materials |

Weaving Green Window Coverings For Over 50 Years - Conrad


There are several aspects to producing a green product and Conrad Handwoven Window Coverings cover the majority. The company’s richly textured selection of window coverings is woven on traditional hand-looms which use very little energy and create minimal waste. Sustainable materials such as bamboo, natural flax, hemp and vetiver are rapidly renewable, have little or no VOC emissions and support local economies. Hemp and flax are strong, durable and resistant to ultraviolet exposure; which makes these materials ideal for letting in light while reducing heat exposure.

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Repurposed Shipping Containers Home - Sweet Home


Sometimes to think “out of the box”, you need to be in the box. Literally. As Melinda Fulmer at MSN Real Estate reports, large metal shipping containers that are left empty at ports around the country are being repurposed into modern, eco-friendly housing. What began as an experiment for emergency housing has become a realistic – and less costly option – to traditional construction. Peter DeMaria of DeMaria Design in Manhattan Beach, California has launched a home building company, Logical Homes, which will offer nine models of container homes for construction around Southern California. The homes will average about $150 to $200 per square foot; in comparison to $220 to $250 per square for traditional construction in the area.

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28 Aug 2008 | Sustainable Homes |

Sustainable European Furniture – Team 7 of Austria


Team 7 of Austria has been crafting award winning, modern European furniture for more than fifty years: with a focus on sustainability since the mid-80s. The wood sourced to construct their elegant designs is harvested from government-managed forests and non-toxic natural finishes are used to complete the process. This family-owned and operated company makes each piece to order - with a keen eye for detail and quality. By combining modern design with old-world craftsmanship, Team 7 blends the best of both eras into sustainable European furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. The Eviva Dining Table and Sideboard are currently on display at Vivavi’s Riverhouse, in New York. For more information, call 866.848.2840.

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27 Aug 2008 | Green Furniture |

Green Renovation by Interior Designer Cheryl Terrace at Vital Design


Founded in 1997 by green interior designer Cheryl Terrace, Vital Design Ltd utilizes Fenh Shui, cutting-edge innovation and sustainable design to remodel their clients’ homes. Non-toxic materials such paints, wallcoverings, fabrics and flooring contribute to a healthy indoor environment, as do superior air filtration systems. From Ms. Terrace: “Vital Design Ltd is dedicated to health, both for the client and for the planet. With this in mind I’ve assembled the leading experts in various disciplines so that Vital Design can fully manage all aspects of the design process - end to end - with the highest standards. A notable example of my work was the renovation of a bedroom in Battery Park City with bamboo flooring, organic bedding, a plant-dyed silk wall hanging, and sustainably harvested wood furniture from responsibly managed forests. The room’s makeover was sponsored by Natural Home magazine. Vital Design Ltd presents the future of design with innovative solutions that are exciting, unique and respectful of our planet."


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25 Aug 2008 | Green Designers |

Knu Eco-friendly Furniture for Kids - American Made


Tough and eco-friendly, Knu furniture for kids features rounded edge for safety. Constructed with Forest Stewardship Council certified Baltic birch ply (whenever possible), the set is then dyed with bright, lead free dyes and finished with a high gloss low-VOC varnish. The legs are composed of steel that contains an average 40% recycled content and powder coated with an aluminum finish. And if you need a different color – give them “a shout and we’ll talk about color options”.

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23 Aug 2008 | Green Furniture |

Exotic Hardwood Desk by John Wiggers - Forest Stewardship Council certified


Uniquely graceful, John Wiggers’ Kidney Shaped Desk is crafted from exotic hardwood that is Forest Stewardship Council certified. A long-time proponent of sustainable forestry, Wiggers has served as Treasurer and Chair on the Board at FSC Canada. In addition to being environmentally responsible, he also brings spiritual and philosophical values to his work. Winner of the Adex Platinum Award for excellence in design, the Kidney Shaped Desk is available at for $14,050. According to Wiggers, “The curvilinear shape and exacting dimensions of this award-winning desk are carefully proportioned to be consistent with the holistic design principles of Feng Shui and the Vastu Shastra of the ancient Vedic tradition in India.” The small, lidded box within the desk is constructed from Hawthorn; a hardwood attributed with the aromatically therapeutic property of relieving stress. Dimensions: 35" Tall x 75" Long x 30" Wide. Shown in Macassar Ebony finish and top inset with black Tuscany leather. Delivery: 18 to 20 weeks. Wiggers Custom Furniture

22 Aug 2008 | Green Furniture |

AQUS Greywater Recycling System


Tucked inside a vanity cabinet, the AQUS Greywater Recycling System is a diminutive 13.5” x 15.5” x 9.5” and 5.5 gallons in size. This water conservation product captures water from a bathroom sink drain, treats it and sends it over to the loo for a second use. The system is composed of two units: the Fill Control Unit and the Vanity Tank Unit. The Fill Control Unit basically keeps the toilet valve in the “off” position allowing recycled water from the Vanity Tank to fill the tank. It does not shut off the fresh water supply or connect to it. Although, the AQUS Greywater Recycling System is compatible with a large number of toilets on the market, it is not currently compatible with dual flush or one-piece toilets. The company site provides information on compatibility. Easily installed by most DIYers, the system operates with 12-volt DC pump with an estimated annual cost per year of 50 cents.

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22 Aug 2008 | Greywater Recycling |

Marmoleum Natural Linoleum - Eco-Friendly and Extremely Durable!


Marmoleum natural linoleum is extremely durable, available in a large variety of colors and – is eco-friendly. The linoleum is composed of renewable materials: linseed oil, pine tree rosin, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments. Limestone is also used, and according to the company site is “found all over the world in enormous quantities”. The flooring is calendered onto natural jute backing, rather than polyester, which is commonly used to back tile. Time enhances this organic product as exposure to air hardens the material and increases its durability. Even though Marmoleum hardens, it remains quiet and comfortable underfoot. The unique aesthetic of the flooring is achieved through the combination of multiple colors to “create a single colorway”. Color palettes range from calming, subdued neutrals to exciting, vibrant contrasts; offering a design solution for just about any room.

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21 Aug 2008 | Building Materials |

Energy Efficient Takagi Tankless Water Heater


Love hot showers, but hate high utility bills? Takagi tankless water heater provides an energy efficient solution for residential water heating needs. Tankless water heater technology isn’t new – it’s been used in Europe and Asia for quite some time. But it definitely has evolved. There are two types of tankless systems – point of use and whole house. Point of use systems are small heaters installed under sinks for the purpose of on-demand water heating for that specific sink. Whole house systems replace traditional water heaters, which operate by keeping a large tank of water hot enough at all times for immediate use. This involves either expenditure of gas or electricity in order to keep 50 to 100 gallons of water constantly hot. Tankless systems heat and distribute water only when needed. The compact area required for installation of the unit is significantly less than what’s needed for a tank system, one of the reasons for their popularity in Europe and Japan. Takagi heaters are 35 to 50% more energy efficient than traditional water heating systems, and are approved by air quality management agencies for their low emissions.

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Grey Water Recycling Kitchen Sink - Award-winning Eulo sink


A working prototype designed by Ainslie Asher of Australia could help redefine what we expect from a kitchen sink. The award-winning Eulo Grey Water Recycling Sink is a self-contained unit with a three-filter system designed to clean water recycled from the kitchen sink.
Step One: Used water passes through a particle strainer to filter large solid waste particles. Step Two: Used water passes through a gravity-activated carbon filter. Step Three: An ultraviolet light kills germs and bacteria. The filtered water is sent to the dishwasher and after it’s used to clean the dishes, it goes out to irrigate the garden – bringing water conservation efforts to a peak performance. And bonus – the system includes an option for adding dish washing detergent inline. If produced, the Eulo Grey Water Recycling Sink will retail for about $3,000.


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20 Aug 2008 | Greywater Recycling |

Green Pre-Fabricated Bamboo Countertops - budget-friendly


Looking for an ecologically sound, yet budget-conscious choice for your green kitchen remodel? Pre-fabricated bamboo countertops from Green Building Supply environmentally friendly home center may provide a beautiful solution. Bamboo is renewable, 16% harder than maple and can be resurfaced by sanding. The patent-pending Multilam cross-band laminates provide an integrated – and eye-catching - edge treatment. These lovely, pre-fabricated bamboo countertops are laminated with a formaldehyde-free adhesive that is completely non-toxic and food safe. Options include parquet, flat and vertical grain, in either a natural or dark tone. To finesse the installation, add coordinating bamboo backsplashes. Green Building Supply

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20 Aug 2008 | Building Materials |

Iannone Eco-friendly Modern Furniture Design


Philadelphia based Iannone Design Limited is a design/build firm dedicated to creating eco-friendly modern furniture. Artisan Michael Iannone holds a BFA in Studio Art and has been crafting his uniquely stylish pieces for over 6 years. By combining inlays of organic shapes with minimalist structures, he brings a playfully elegant element to his work. What makes Iannone Design’s modern furniture eco-friendly? The company uses a variety of intrinsically beautiful materials that include Forest Stewardship Council certified plywood, locally sourced materials from managed forests and sustainable materials such as bamboo and sorghum board. The pieces are finished with either low-VOC water based topcoats or natural wax finishes which are applied by hand. Laminates are Greenguard certified.

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20 Aug 2008 | Green Furniture |

Green Roof Installer JIG - benefits for Pennsylvania residents


JIG, Inc., green roof Installer, is on a mission to lead the way toward a greener and healthier city. Located in Philadelphia, the company is active in city legislation that addresses zoning considerations, water management criteria and the development of financial incentive programs for green roof installers. What purpose does a green roof serve? It mitigates urban heat-island effects, controls storm water runoff, reduces sound reflection and transmission as well as provide a habitat for butterflies and other desirable wildlife. JIG offers a variety of roof packages that include the Flower Carpet, Aromatic Garden, Savannah, Meadow and Woodland Meadows. While roofs planted with sedum require less water, roofs with turf provide additional outdoor recreational space and great views of the city. BTW: We’re glad to see that the person mowing the turf is using a push mower! JIG’s sister company, Onion Flats, uses green roofs on all of their development projects.


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19 Aug 2008 | Green Roofs |

EcoStar Recycled Rubber and Plastic Roof Tiles


Roof tiles composed of recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic may sound unappealing, but with EcoStar products, they absolutely are not. With nine colors and six styles to choose from, it’s easy to satisfy traditional, transitional and contemporary aesthetics. The recycled materials come from car bumpers as well as baby diaper production remnants, keeping those bad boys out of the landfills. According to the company website, the recycled content features “incredible strength and flexibility and provides long-lasting performance”.

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