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Bi-color Fruit Shaped Porcelain Bowls

Designed by Portuguese collective SOWHAT?PPP, this expressive collection of porcelain fruits is more than one can perceive at a first glance. At first sight we may think that they are very realistic white porcelain decorative fruits. We admire the realism of the shape and especially of the texture of the fruit's skin. Porcelain is an amazing material that allows rendering textures that would be difficult to achieve with other materials. But at a closer look we can see that these fruits have a cut in the middle and that they can be taken into two pieces. That is where we have the pleasant surprise of fining out that the fruits open up to form two cups, two bowls or one of each, depending on the use we want to give them. The shapes are very different, going from smaller fruit such as lemon or pomegranate to bigger melon or pumpkin. On the outside the porcelain skin imitates the real texture of each specific fruit, while the inside is smooth and glazed in different color. Keeping with the realism of the fruit, the inside colors are the colors of the pulp of each specific fruit, with one or two color options depending on the fruit they represent. Each piece is handmade and unique, fragile but strong at the same time.


18 Dec 2013 | Tabletop Decor |

Whimsical Ceramic Vases and Bowls Adorned with 3d Blooms

Lush fields of flowers are the textural story of the "Ambition" vase collection through Janus et Cie. The delicate vases are created from ceramic and each is adorned with these whimsical 3d ceramic flowers. The vases come in 3 sizes and are each sold individually but creating a vignette of all 3 would create a stunning display. The small vase is 7"Hx6"dia and I can imagine the fun juxtaposition of a handful of dandelions picked lovingly by a young child for their mother taking a proud spot front and centre on a dining table in this ever so exquisite ceramic vase. The large size is 11"Hx10"dia and would be perfect for a selection of grasses or evergreen boughs. I envision this almost foot high vase holding down the fort on a foyer console table. The extra large size is 19.5"Hx18"dia and for me this statement piece is a stand alone visual that creates the perfect sculptural moment kept empty while gracing a side table in a living room.


14 Nov 2013 | Tabletop Decor |

Fiber Optic Table Runners for Special Atmospheres: DreamLux


DreamLux by Il Filo dei Sogni is a special fabric that emanates real light. The fiber optics are woven together with other fibers such as cotton, linen or viscose to create the DreamLux fabric, that only needs to be then supplied with LED energy in order to shine like a sky full of stars. This can be done either by plugging into a power supply, or by very small integrated batteries.
With these table mats and runners, your atmosphere will become magical and your guests will be enchanted. Whether you are setting the table inside or outside, make sure the room/space is dark enough so that your table can light it up in a mystical way. And forget the candles, this time you are dining by fiber optic light! DreamLux is an inert, completely harmless product. Despite the light it emanates, it remains cold as the LED light is "cold" and generates very low voltage. The runners and mats come in different fiber optic colors such as ice white, red, golden yellow, green and ocean blue, and they are sure to nicely match or contrast the color of your table ware. A real delight for the eyes!


31 Oct 2013 | Tabletop Decor |

Cheerful Mouth Blown Glass Bowl by Evasolo

Smiley by Evasolo is joyful bowl that can be used both for serving and decorating. It is actually two bowls in one, as the outer mouth blown glass shell has an inner plastic lining. The shape of the bowl inspired its name or vice versa. Like an emoticon, this bowl smiles at you with a mouth wide open. The cavity inside the bowl is perfect for serving small snacks, especially nuts. There is another serving concave surface at the top of the bowl, which is very practical for placing shells or pits or for serving a second type of snack. When not used for serving purposes, Smiley can be very decorative at the center of a dining table, on a cabinet or a console. It can be presented as such, if we want to emphasize its particular shape. Depending on the season, it can also be filled with fragrant dried leaves and flowers, with pebbles, nuts or candy. The inner plastic bowl is always white, but the outer glass shell comes in different contrasting colors such as red, lime green or black. You can also have an all-white bowl, by matching the inner lining with a white shell, or by choosing a transparent shell. Smiley is a good example of the Scandinavian manufacturer's quest to create innovative products that combine functionality and aesthetics.


15 Oct 2013 | Tabletop Decor |

The Ceramic Wig Vase Is A Manikin Head Reinterpreted

Wig is a ceramic vase hidden in a ceramic manikin head. The concept of using plant life is not new, but this is the first time is has been done in a chic and modern format. Just think how cool this would look with a grouping of 4 used as a centre piece on a round dining room table, whether the table is 42" in diameter or greater. The overall effect of the flowers or greenery chosen for the vase will dictate the mood and / or style of the dining experience. This photo shows to examples, the one on the left is a selection of grasses and would be ideal used for a fall dining experience. Perhaps surround the head or heads with a selection of pinecones or nuts, casually scattered. The Wig vase on the right a woman's head covered in white carnations and would be perfect for a wedding shower.


8 Oct 2013 | Tabletop Decor |

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