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Smeg Small Applicances: Retro Look, Tech Upgrade

These gorgeous retro appliances do indeed rock around the clock with style but make no mistake -- they are as high tech as it gets. The toaster - for example - has six browning levels. The stand mixer has 10 speeds with slow start. The kettle has seven heat settings - not to mention all those luscious colors. You can pre-set your blender program over four different speeds. All pieces are "Emblem Style" - with the unmistakable SMEG font on each piece. These small appliances pack a big punch and they look oh-so-retro out on the counter. (Bring on the melamine plates!) Mid-century modern is never out of style and at times (think: now),it's the latest rage. And small wonder, many of the designs of that era stand up to the test of time and look fantastic decades later. Neat-O.


9 Apr 2014 | Specialty Cookware |

Palma cast iron cookware by Japer Morrison for Oigen


Like any task you undertake, cooking well calls for the right tools. Enter Palma cookware by Brit designer Jasper Morrison and made for Oigen - a 160-year-old Japanese brand specializing in the tradition of cast-iron cookware, which has been around for some 3,000 years. This premium culinary collection combines enduring quality and timeless style, both of which will last long enough to be passed on to future generations of chefs. The line includes pots and pans with lids, a frying griddle, a kettle and a condiment server - everything you'll need to whip up a fabulous feast. Check out the Palma cookware collection by visiting Jasper Morrison. For additional info, visit Oigen.
photo credit: Nacasa&Partners.
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23 Sep 2013 | Specialty Cookware |

Tuscan Clay Pots by ND Dolfi


Clay pots are a wonderfully versatile friend for any kitchen, and we are enchanted by these Tuscan clay pots by Italian ceramics designer ND Dolfi. They can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and keep heat for a really long time - so they are wonderful companions at big dinners and gatherings. But function isn't the only thing that's great about these - they're also quite beautiful and make a romantic statement - blending age old techniques with a slightly modernized aesthetic. Each of these peices are hand made and decorated by ND Dolfi. The colors and style really feel inspired by the Tuscan landscape, don't you think? So homey. Visit ThatsArte.com for more information.


28 Mar 2012 | Specialty Cookware |

Stainless Steel Chafing Dish from All-Clad - round


For the entertainer at heart, the All-Clad round stainless steel Chafing Dish is an essential for formal and casual gatherings alike. Dinner at home can be every bit as elegant and delicious as a gourmet meal out on the town, with this commercial-quality serving piece. Crafted of heavyweight, mirror-polished stainless steel, this 3.5-quart chafing dish uses liquid or gel fuel to keep food warm as you mix and mingle before your meal. The removable dome lid makes serving easy, and once everyone has been fed and your final guest has thanked you for the fabulous feast, it is dishwasher safe, so clean-up is a breeze. Buy the All-Clad Stainless Steel Chafing Dish for $199.99 at Chefs Catalog or at Amazon.


8 Jan 2009 | Specialty Cookware |

Commercial French Fry Cutter from Chefs and French Fries Recipe


If you consider French fries a food group, the Commercial French Fry Cutter from Chefs Catalog is the hot must-have gadget for your kitchen. Ideal for made-to-order servings at home or in a commercial setting, this industrial fry maker takes the tedium out of French fry cutting. Simply position your potato, pull the lever, and voila! You get restaurant-style French fries without the fuss. The cutter features heavy-duty cast-iron construction and a carbon steel frame that’s built to last. A non-slip silicone bowl and suction-cup feet create a steady base for this lean, mean machine. Two industrial vertical blades are removable for easy cleaning, and cut perfect 1/3- or 1/2–inch fries every time. Buy the Commercial French Fry Cutter for $99.99 at Chefs Catalog.


5 Jan 2009 | Specialty Cookware |

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