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Woodland Christmas Natural Wood Slice Wreath

What a natural beauty! This one-of-a-kind wreath is made using branches from different woods. The different species of tree and different size branch slices create a stunning effect. The slices are baked to dry them out, then glued to a wreath shape and there you have it - add a funky looking ribbon and hang it on your door. Its a rustic, back to nature Christmas! This piece would look great at the cottage or the chalet - or in the middle of the city for that matter. It would really make an interesting juxtaposition to use this on a metal door in an industrial loft building, wouldn't it? We love the rings in the pieces of the wood, they are so warm and soft looking. This natural piece of Christmas decor for your door says come on in, have some egg nog or some hot mulled wine. Can't you just smell the cinnamon and nutmeg?


7 Dec 2013 | Holiday Decor |

Wooden Christmas Decorations Made from Juniper Tree

These charming Christmas decorations were designed (and handmade) by Romanian artists Zsolt and Réka. Carved from Juniper wood, they are as natural as it gets, treated with only beeswax and linseed oil. Every step is done by hand: design, cutting, polishing. You can be assured you've got the most natural tree decoration possible. Aren't the shapes cute? And the lines in the wood are simply nature at its best. And how apropos - decorating a tree with pieces of a tree, it's almost a tribute tree. From cut outs of trees, to reindeer, to clouds - each piece is lovingly made and they even have their own custom storage box. And they look like Christmas cookies made from wood. For a unique spin on Christmas this year - go back to nature and put some trees on the tree!


6 Dec 2013 | Holiday Decor |

Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments


Throughout the Christmas season, whether entertaining guests for an awesome home cooked meal or hosting an important game, it's the little touches that will make your house feel festive, fun and full of good cheer. Whether your decor leans to the traditional, eclectic or modernist, crocheted ornaments will add the whimsy and color that exemplify your style. Take a journey through the following photos for inspirational ideas on how to add a touch of crochet to your holiday decor.


4 Nov 2013 | Holiday Decor |

Colorful Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas: white, red, purple and teal

Color is a great way to bring some fabulous festive flair to your tabletop this holiday season. As the focal point of your holiday home, the table will be the center of attention; the hotspot for guests when they arrive and the place where they linger over cocktails and conversation after a great meal. Create a memorable tabletop that they will want to sit at (and admire!) until next Christmas rolls around. Whether you are drawn to more traditional hues like red and white, or have a more modern vision of sugarplum-inspired purples and wintergreen teal, here are some no-fail decorating ideas, color schemes and centerpieces that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Red, White and Holiday-Ready

You just can't go wrong with the classic color combination of red and white. It's timeless and evocative of all things Christmas - snowflakes, spice, berries, and of course, jolly old Saint. Nick. But if you're not crazy about dozens of Santas dancing circles around your tabletop, inspire the holidays by drawing on those traditional colors in more subtle ways. Crisp white table linens and napkins, red dinnerware, and a few whimsical winter-themed decorations go a long way to welcoming the Christmas spirit.

Snowman Table Setting



19 Dec 2012 | Holiday Decor |

Wall Christmas Tree Ideas - Top 20 for 2012

Deck the halls (and your walls!) with these jolly Christmas tree ideas for your holiday home. No longer is a Christmas tree rooted to its original form, though what's Christmas without that fresh pine scent and lush greenery? In addition to the traditional tannenbaum, add a little creative flair to your holiday decorating. You can even have a different decorative display in every room! And the best thing about a wall Christmas tree? If you live in compact quarters or have no floor space for a real Christmas tree, you can always find a free wall to set up these festive adornments. With a style suited to every taste, here are our Top 20 Wall Christmas Tree Ideas. From au naturel wood trees and fully ornamented tree silhouettes, to trees illuminated and decorated with your favorite bits and bobs, and even trees for the crafty and the kids at heart, these faux trees are brimming with Christmas cheer.

Wood Christmas Trees - From old fashioned to new fangled
It's not Christmas without a tree, and let's face it - it's technically not a tree without wood! These Christmas tree displays incorporate that traditional, natural element in different and wonderful ways that make them unique, unusual and unexpected ideas for holiday decorating.

#1 Driftwood Log Christmas Tree



15 Dec 2012 | Holiday Decor |

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