Elegant White Porcelain Bowls for Your Tabletop

White bowls are like that little black dress - they go with absolutely everything. The purpose of white in the foodie world is really as a stage, to show off the food. But these gorgeous porcelain bowls from Gompf and Kehrer are refined enough to stand on their own. Made in Germany (isn't the best porcelain always?) - the indented design gives depth to the pieces. But being white, nothing is busy enough to distract from the glory of the food. See how fantastic the berries look (above) against this stark white, or the limes below. And look at all the intriguing sizes and shapes that these bowls come in. They are glazed, of course, and perfectly safe for use with food. Wouldn't they look fantastic on the counter full of colorful fruit? And the impressed design is intricate enough that these bowls could certainly stand alone as tabletop pieces. Just like that little black dress in the back of your closet, you'll be using this set for years.


4 Dec 2013 | Dinnerware |

Concrete Tableware for Tasty Looking Meals


Architect and designer Vido Nori's passion for food led her to create a collection of tableware to suit her food design taste. True to her very geometrical style, she goes for asymmetrical shapes, with sharp angles and abrupt lines. Porcelain is obviously obsolete for the designer, for she chooses a very unusual material for the tableware industry: concrete. The collection is rich, consisting of bowls, platters, plates and snack dishes. They all come in different sizes and shapes, in order for one to be able to serve a full meal by only using the concrete pieces. Every piece is handmade, and the rough look of the concrete makes the food stand out and become a work of art. The more colorful the food is the better will it contrast with the matt grey of the concrete. The various platters and bowls can be also stacked or layered in order to obtain an architectural serving design. They are also very versatile in order to suit most cuisine types: sushi, tapas, soups, dips, salads or deserts. And because the designer wants her tableware to be low maintenance, all the pieces are of course machine washable. This is definitely a new era for tableware!


16 Sep 2013 | Dinnerware |

Versace Christmas 2010 - Tableware and Ornaments Collection


Versace dresses the table like a woman - in pure luxury, right down to the detail. The Versace Christmas 2010 collection of tableware and ornaments will make your holiday tabletop glitter with wonderful winter motifs, and an ambience fills your dining room. Delicate snowflakes, ruby-red berries and a rich gold finish adorn these elegant plates, cups and saucers, mugs, serving dishes, accessories and ornaments. Dish out your favorite fares and make your dinner guests feel truly special. And if you're looking to show someone your appreciation, a thoughtful and practical gift of tableware is a sure hit (and always appreciated by the entertainer at heart!). Start your collection with just one ornament or porcelain bell, or get the whole lot for a winter wonderland at your dinner table this season. For information is available at Versace Home.


25 Nov 2010 | Dinnerware |

French Bread Boards by Soundview Millworks


Just in time for entertaining season, the Soundview Millworks French bread board is the perfect complement to your wine and cheese. This artisan-style wood cutting board is a great display piece, as a treat for you or as a hostess gift. Owner of Soundview Millworks Grant Tankoosf was inspired by the nautical theme, hence the sailboat cleats on the boards, which are finished in 100% natural tung oil, mineral oil and beeswax for a hygienic, sealed and smooth finish. For an added touch to make the giftee feel special, the gifter can customize the French bread board with an engraved symbol or phrase. Retail price $40. Buy the Soundview Millworks French bread board at Orange and Pear.
Images ©: by Trendir.


27 Oct 2010 | Dinnerware |

Scoop Chip and Dip Server by Nambe from Neiman Marcus


The Scoop Chip and Dip Server by Wei Young is not only a really stylish way to serve your chips and salsa, it's also a great conversation starter. This cool, modern one-piece chip and dip dish will prompt compliments at any table. Made of Nambe metal alloy, it measures 11" in diameter by 8" high. This two-tiered Nambe Scoop Server is a really fun bowl, allowing for easy, all-in-one-place dipping. Buy Scoop Chip and Dip Server for a price of $225 at Neiman Marcus.


27 Oct 2010 | Dinnerware |

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