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Wooden Bathtub from Laguna - the Luxury Bathtubs


Dedicated yacht makers inspired by the beauty of marine woods, Laguna creates glamorous wooden bathtubs which shine like jewels. The warm dark wood is given a soft sculptural form and modern elegance. Constructed from the finest quality woods and to exacting luxury standards, Laguna has created fascinating bathtubs that are stunning examples of sophisticated design.

Laguna Pearl Wooden Bathtub


A free-standing bathtub design, the Laguna Pearl tub glimmers and shines with rich natural beauty. The simple bowl-like form is striped with distinctive golden shimmering grains that sweep down to a single central point. The Pearl's gentle curving side provides a comforting surface on which to relax and recline, while also offering a unique flaring profile. A glamorous but compact design, the Pearl tub easily brings refinement and luxury to existing bathroom installations. When accented with brilliant chrome controls and a simple circular drain cover, the Pearl Tub achieves a modern simplicity and sparkle. An alluring wooden bathtub that offers the seductive beauty of fine furnishings, the Pearl tub will make any bathroom a haven of luxury.


Laguna Spa Wooden Bathtub


In the Laguna Spa, the glossy wood form of the Pearl tub is mirrored and enhanced by a dramatic pebble ring. With a distinctive and innovative design, the Laguna Spa offers a lovely deep worry-free soak. Designed to be filled up to the rim, the Laguna Spa lets warm soothing water entirely en-wrap you in soothing relaxation. With an integrated overflow beneath the pebble filled edge, the water may freely gurgle and rush over the pebbles before ebbing away. Featuring a strong construction the wide bath edge is suitable for sitting upon and makes entering the bath a simple exercise. Glamorous beauty and innovative design transform the Laguna Spa bath into a luxury bathing experience.


Laguna Basic Wooden Bathtub


Finally the Laguna Basic Bathtub offers this gorgeous wood design in a rectangular form. Seamlessly integrating into existing bathrooms, the Laguna Basic brings new warmth and glamour that only wooden bathtubs can afford. From a rectangular plane, rich wood swoops down into a gleaming oval basin. The sharp straight lines add a distinct contrast to the soft gentle curves. An ideal choice for bathrooms, yachts and sauna areas, the Laguna Basic brings luxury to anywhere you desire. A fantastic range of luxury bath tubs, Laguna captures artistic beauty in luscious natural wood.