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Wazebo Combines Water with Gazebo for Wellness Spa

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You can't beat the Wazebo for enjoying your morning shower. Or your afternoon or evening shower. Designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Zuchetti.Kos, this self-contained unit will certainly take your outdoor space up a few notches. Set up in its own mini pavilion this magnificent rainfall shower will take your worries -- and your breath -- away. Designed as a wellness spa, it combines the outdoor healing power of nature with the sounds and sensations of a spring shower. How invigorating! Imagine this luxury shower out on your private deck overlooking the ocean. Or maybe in the middle of the woods at the edge of the property - it can be installed directly on the ground if you want to feel the grass, or sand, under your feet. A luxury shower in the middle of nature, imagine. And did we mention that it's a double shower - how romantic is that? Could it get any better?


A fantastic wellness spa that you can put anywhere you feel closest to nature!


More information: Zuchetti.Koss

Posted in Rain Showers on March 31, 2014 5:22 PM

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  • Views: 558

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