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Teuco Swarovski Bathtub is created exclusively to order

Teuco Swarovski bathtub

Set your imagination free with the Teuco Swarovski Bathtub. From a collaboration with Fiona Winter Swarovski, this whimsical bathtub is the first Teuco bathtub with the pure glamour of Swarovski crystals. The refined, perfect surface is enhanced with the addition of these fantastic crystal clusters. They emanate an intriguing organic feel, as if they had simply grown on the surface of the bathtub like an exotic, sparkling coral. Your guests will have to look twice, drawn to the unexpected, shimmering Swarovski crystals. Each bathtub is unique, made only to order. Have your own creation in mind? Contact Teuco or the Fiona Winter Studio in Milan for more information on their stunning bathtubs.

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