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Stylish Sospesa Rain Shower by Ponsi


The Sospesa rain shower is a "Made in Tuscany" masterpiece of stylish form whose silhouette is closer to that of a contemporary light fixture then that of a rain shower. As with most large ceiling pendants, 3 slender steel wires suspend the rain shower from the ceiling and a flexible cable - or in this case water supply pipe - curves gracefully up to the ceiling between the cables.


With a thin surround of 4mm thickness, the silhouette is elegantly refined, but don't let that fool you. The 40cm diameter of Sospesa allows a cascade of water wide enough to softly rain down over your complete body, for a relaxing and luxurious experience.


100% stainless steel and available in either elliptical or cylindrical profiles, Sospesa features an anti scale and anti drip system making it a functionally stylish statement piece that would be the focal point of any bathroom.


Posted in Bathroom on 01-24-14 01:14