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Radiator Towel Warmer from Antrax – the subtle new Ghibli

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The most beautiful elements for the home are often inspired by nature… like the new Ghibli radiator towel warmer from Antrax. Inspired by undulating forms in the natural environment such as sand dunes and grassy meadows, the Ghibli radiator reinterprets these curves into a striking modern form ideal for urbanites. It would look fantastic gracing the wall of a loft or apartment in the city, where it can be located according to your unique needs. If you desire a towel warmer, position the radiator horizontally in a bathroom or bedroom. Or, if you are looking for a decorative and functional piece to accent your decor, simply place it in any room either horizontally or vertically. An understated design, the Ghibli radiator will quietly enhance the warmth and welcome of your home: a refuge from the bustle of the streets below. From Antrax.

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Posted in Home Radiators on September 15, 2008 10:38 PM

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  • Views: 102
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