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Modular LED Radiator Daisy from Hellos - customizable home radiator with chromotherapy


Wow ... a modular LED-lit home radiator that is customizable in terms of shape and colors, enhanced with Chromotherapy and uses low voltage. Must be one of the most aesthetically pleasing and useful home radiator designs currently commercially available. Hellos Daisy flower-like radiator is an object of art and warmth - what could be more satisfying for a modern home decor product. Made from die-cast aluminum, it can be configured to myriads of shapes and colors. The scattered LED lights are cleverly hidden behind the flower arrangement creating indirect light suitable for Chromotherapy effect. Available in pastel and other colors, mat, rough or polished aluminium, to get a desirable visual impact. Choose from electric or hydraulic installation. The valves are hidden and the flowers are on the wall ;-). Hellos




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