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Modern Fireplaces from Edilkamin - simply gorgeous


Dominant and comforting, the Modern Fireplaces from Edilkamin come in different materials, colors and finishes to suit your taste. Three geometric designs, with integrated storage, which are particularly appropriate for a modern, spacious environment, are the Art Acciaio, the Art Wenge and the Kubik. Each fireplace offers solid, uncompromising forms and careful attention to materials. The Art Acciaio has a coating of satin steel, the Art Wenge is entirely covered in wenge wood and the Kubik has a painted surface of steel grey anthracite. Each designed to provide high performance heating and great looks for many years to come, these contemporary fireplaces are built to transcend trends. Pick the style and coating that sets your senses aflame with the wide selection of modern fireplaces from Edilkamin.