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Ladder-Shaped Scaletta Radiator Radiates Style


The Italian company, Tubes Radiatori, takes home radiators to a new level of design. It's not just for heat anymore, it's also part of your decor. Use the ladder for a toasty towel heater for the bathroom. Hang a favorite blanket on one of the rungs for wrapping around yourself on those cool nights. Ladders of all shapes and sizes are popular decor pieces only yours will have dual function - style and heat. Tubes Radiatori is well known for their high design home radiators but the ladder shape takes this heater to every room. The electric cord winds on a pulley - giving the ladder a tidier and a bit of an industrial look. These would be fantastic in any style home - from the Contemporary to Victorian (in the Victorian, you could use the ladder to show off your vintage lace collection in the bedroom). You have the option of wall-mounted or free standing versions - and the free standing can be fitted with a shelf. And the color choices mean you can buy it to fit in with existing schemes. So go ahead - take your home heating up a rung.


The Scaletta Radiator is available in free standing or wall mounted varieties.


The pulley gives it an industrial look.


More information: Tubes Radiatori

Posted in Bathroom on May 3, 2014 7:02 AM

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