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Lacquered Wood Bathroom from Furo – the Urushi collection is a symbol of Japanese style

Furo Urushi lacquered wood bathtub

Japan has long been famous for its exquisite lacquered furniture. This striking, traditional craft which dates from the Jomon period 5,500 years ago is here utilized to create the Urushi lacquered wood bathroom collection. The painstaking lacquering process has been refined through the ages; the lacquer itself is ‘totally ecological material’ that is made from tree sap. With the smooth, silky lacquer finish applied to handmade wood tubs, it is a thing of beauty to be appreciated with each use. Resistant to heat up to 800 degrees, you can rest assured that the finish of the items will not be affected by hot water. The designer, Yukio Hashimoto, suggests that the bathtub be placed anywhere in the home or garden to be appreciated as decorative art, as well as to give more flexibility to your bathing routine! Available in the strong black and red combination characteristic of lacquer, let the East into your home with a gorgeous Japanese wood bath from Furo.

Urushi bathtub - detail

Urushi bathtub with free standing tub filler

Urushi lacquered wood basin


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