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Instant Boiling Water Tap from Quooker - instant convenience!

Instant Boiling Water Tap from Quooker - skin tomatoes

Just think about it… there’ll be no more waiting around for water to boil with the Instant Boiling Water Tap from Quooker. Want a cup of tea? To skin some tomatoes? To quickly parboil? Once you experience the convenience of boiling water coming directly from a tap you’ll never look back! New to the UK, Quooker technology is now used in over 100,000 homes in Europe, and is sure to be coming to a kitchen near you. The company, quite rightly, claims that their boiled water faucet is a ‘must have’ for modern kitchens, and we agree. Trendsetters will instantly recognise this tap is far from a passing fad, but will enhance your kitchen with its handy presence well into the future. Pictured here are three design variations for contemporary kitchens: the Quooker Basic, Quooker Modern and Quooker Design. Streamlined, modern looks also add to the value of these fabulous instant Boiling Water Taps from Quooker.