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Hammam Bathroom - your own hammam sauna spa by Effegibi


Are you transforming your boring old bathroom from "blah" to "spa"? To complete your luxury at-home spa, the Hammam bathroom by Effegibi offers a full range of pieces with customizable configurations so you can have your indulgence, your way. Build your sauna spa and incorporate the Hammam collection, which includes the cabin, tile, plumbing fixtures, sink, seating and steam generator – your all-in-one essential spa package, right at your fingertips. A full range of finishing options lets you choose the style of the space, whether you want contemporary, modern minimalism or Zen-inspired serenity. Sinks, seats and tiles come in your choice of colors, and complement them with these chic, sleek high-polished stainless steel fixtures that give the enclosure some subtle sparkle. A digital touch display puts all the controls at your fingertips. Open clogged pores and let your body release everything that’s weighing you down, physically and mentally. Simply shut the glass door and be whisked away to your private steamy, dreamy oasis. For more details on this Hammam bathroom sauna spa, visit Effegibi.