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Glass Tiles from SICIS - Flower Power collection


Designed to make a dramatic visual impact – the fantastic Flower Power glass tiles are from SICIS. The larger-than-life floral pattern will whisk you away you to another place – let the vibrant pattern surround you and appreciate the richness of the colors! A whole wall can become a work of art, with a floor to ceiling pattern of flowers. Or, you can use the tiles to highlight certain areas such as the fireplace, sink or shower. Select a wall anywhere in your home and add your favourite flowers – sunflowers, daisies, waterlilies, gerberas, poppies… the possibilities are endless. Glass captures the vivid colors perfectly, and lends a lovely gloss finish to the tiling. Add a little sunshine to your life with the cheerful Flower Power range of glass tiles from SICIS: The Art Factory.

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