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Fun Color Furniture by Lagranja Design: Midi Colors


Fun furniture for the home needn't be reserved for the kids' play room. The new Midi Colors furniture collection from Spain-based Lagranja Design proves that pops of color and simple forms can provide an inspiring, amusing aesthetic for any home or office space. This modern line of tables, cabinets and shelves boasts basic "stick figure-esque" silhouettes that complement their bold palette of bright yellow, orange, green, blue and more, accented by natural wood toned elements, like tabletops. And functionally speaking, these pieces offer awesome storage and worktops when you need to get down to business. Supremely sturdy and subtly sophisticated, this cool, contemporary furniture line makes a great addition to the home office or corporate space, living or dining area, hobby room and yes - even in a play room. Check out the new Midi Colors furniture collection by visiting Lagranja Design.