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FirstCall Chair Shaped Like Phone: It's For You


From Dutch architectural firm, Ruud Van de Wier, the FirstCall chair gives you a comfortable spot to take a private phone call. When phone booths disappeared, it suddenly seemed like everyone was on their phone in public and there was nowhere to hide. But now, problem solved. A comfortable lounge chair, it subs as a phone booth for cell phone users! Shaped like an old fashioned cradle handset, it provides an enclosed area for conversation where the surrounding noise is muted. You could make a private call in a public space or in the middle of the office when you're sitting in a FirstCall. And it comes in 32 colors so there is a choice for every decor style and if not, you can also order it in any two tone combination. That's versatility. Upholstered and padded with a slightly inclined back, this chair delivers comfort and privacy. And it's a subtle reminder of a time past - for those old enough to remember.