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Electronic Shower System by Graff - Aqua Sense

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Quite possibly the future of shower design, Graff introduces Aqua Sense, an electronic shower system. Graff makes use of innovative technologies in order to offer a spa-like luxury, while remaining sustainable. So what makes up the system? Here's a little list: ceiling mounted shower heads, RGB lighting effect, speakers, touch-screen control panel, a waterfall shower, a wall-mounted cascade and rainfall showerhead and a wall-mounted cascade and rainfall with RGB LED shower head. While showering with Aqua Sense, all your senses are involved (well, minus taste, of course) for a really unique, and all encompassing experience. It takes the act of showering to a whole new level. Learn more at Graff.






Posted in Shower Fixtures on March 21, 2012 12:29 PM

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  • Views: 401
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