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Electronic Faucet from FIMA - Carlo Frattini: Elettronico faucet


Sheer usability characterises - the Elettronico electronic faucet from FIMA - Carlo Frattini. The engaging touch-operated control panel is colorful and clear: it’s so easy to learn how to precisely control your water usage. These are environmentally-conscious times, and as the company states: ‘water is an increasingly precious resource.’ Smart usage of electronic controls makes it possible to save water… for example, by turning off all faucets in the house when you go out by a click on the touch screen. You preset the temperature of the water too, which means you don’t have to run water down the drain as you wait for it to reach the desired temperature. Increase the quality of your life, as well as improving your use of the planet’s most precious commodity with the sleek electronic faucet from FIMA - Carlo Frattini.


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