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Classic Bathroom Suites and Fixtures from Lineatre


Exquisite, modular pieces form the basis of these classic bathroom suites and fixtures from Lineatre. The bathtub, a key feature of any bathroom, is shown here in two sumptuous, free-standing styles. Choose from a stately four-legged bathtub, or an upholstered version punctuated with deep, diamante buttons! The upholstered look is continued by the luxurious, padded toilet seat cover… you can choose from either glamorous gold or gracious white. The traditional, ridged lines of the toilet are echoed by the coordinating bidet, which is also home to a set of ornate, crystal-topped taps. These elaborate faucet sets come in a silver or gold finish, sparkling with a multi-faceted crystal ball atop each handle! Carry the look around the bathroom with bidet, sink and bath versions of the eye-catching faucets. Combine modular elements from Lineatre and finish them with gorgeous matching fixtures to create a rich, enviable classic bathroom suite.